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17 Dec 2014 13:53:32
You cannot find a shop with fireworks in Doncaster. Either it's early new year preparations or Mario is on his way to Doncaster Rovers on loan in January, Dickov denies the rumour but the evidence is there!






04 Dec 2014 20:12:13
Hi Ed's I seem to have lost the posting option on the Arsenal page but not other clubs or main pages? Am I suspended or something?
Sorry to use this page for this but couldn't think how else to contact you.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks for letting us know. The POST image link has been replaced now.
BTW, we have multiple posting forms and a contact form on all pages including Arsenal rumours



16 Nov 2014 12:03:56
Is it just me who feels the Championship chairman sold out by accepting the new FFP rules pushed on the Football League by the Premier League. They just wanted the money, but have they done the right thing for the future of the game?

It certainly feels like a big mistake to do so. I know they have the solidarity payments on contract now, but it doesn't seem like they have done anything but destroyed any hope of the league being run on the correct lines.




06 Nov 2014 15:07:19
I just wanted to thank those of you who are helping us to beta test our new free to play flash game (which can be found here: http://www.footballrumoursbets/games/flatouthorseracing.php) Flat Out Racing.

Ed033 is currently working on the html5 version of the game, so it will soon be possible to play it on the latest iOS and Android platforms that don't support Flash.

While it is still in its infancy as a game, we are planning to add a prize draw which you can enter through spending game currency, as a thank you to all who are helping us out with the test, so look out for details on that in the near future.

Also we have free to enter competitions planned for the game in the near future, so thank you again and I hope you are all enjoying playing it.




05 Nov 2014 15:04:33
This could be Brendan's epitaph by the end of the week

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.




03 Nov 2014 10:31:53
So with the first quarter of the sessons gone what is your prediction for the premier league top 4 places in order?




27 Oct 2014 23:07:07
brighton to sack sami hyypia




26 Oct 2014 01:37:48
Do you think Mr Cellino thought "manager of the month" meant you had to appoint a different manager every month?! Just a thought. UTT.




19 Oct 2014 22:28:31
Was just listening to the debate on tv about the Shawcross wrestle on Bony that resulted in the penalty today - so for anyone who missed the Sheff United/Bradford game - How just how was this not a pen ? Penalty ?

Ed 003



19 Oct 2014 16:50:18
About time someone gave one of those decisions for pulling in the box, so well done for that Michael Oliver. But, and it is a big but, you bottled it by giving Stoke a pen back for that blatant dive by Victor Moses. Terrible decision that.

Oh and is Bardsley is playing like his game is glitching and he is seeing everything a second after it happens. Or he could just be a nasty dirty get kicking everyone after the ball goes. I will let you decide which!




13 Oct 2014 10:20:05
In all the furore surrounding Roy Keane's new money grab, er I mean autobiography, the big question seems to have been overlooked. Should he have kept the beard?

Though that brings another question to mind, do you think his missus liked it? Only in my experience, even the tiniest bit of stubble leads to complaints from the missus, so how on earth did he get away with that without a month of cold shoulders at least?

Unless that was the reason behind the new book, to raise the cash to buy her enough prezzies to make up for having the face fuzz?




12 Oct 2014 22:53:06
Ed002, having reading the media outlets reporting on the potential Catalan independence referendum having an effect on Barcelona' and Espanyol's place in La Liga. I'm just wondering on what you know about the situation, if there ever is one.



{Ed002's Note - It is to do with a statement from Javier Tebas who is head of the Spanish FA. He is in no position to make such statements and I would not consider it even a possibility.}



10 Oct 2014 16:33:23
After millwalls drop in form are we looking to bring in any players either now on loan or in January. Personally I think we need a stella striker.


{Ed013's Note - How about a Carlsberg Striker? If only Carlsberg..................



07 Oct 2014 20:07:03
Just been reading this article Youth/Grass roots football, just wondered if anyone has similar problems/

Ed 003



06 Oct 2014 14:27:15
Does anyone else find these international breaks annoying and get in the way of the season? They seem to really break the flow just as I am getting into it. About time they moved them to the end of the season out of everyone's way!




02 Oct 2014 19:16:11
Yeovil have now signed jordy hiwula on loan until January




22 Sep 2014 09:01:49
Ebanks Blake is set to be offered a deal at Pne, I know this from my very reliable source mystic Kathryn from pne online, who's a bit of a blokey bird but normally reliable.




21 Sep 2014 18:04:14
Sami hypia will be sacked if brighton loose at burton. Sorry but I'm just haveing my views




17 Sep 2014 12:38:13
Darren bent was at the valley last night to watch charlton vs wolves

Steven gosling



15 Sep 2014 10:52:34
I am sure that there is a lot happening behind the scene but most managers will wait until then end of this transfer window to maximise the stay of any import and reduce the gap between a possible acquisition and the start of a new purchase window in January 2015 Correct me if I am wrong but I think the maximum loan period is 93 days?




13 Sep 2014 05:05:54
Hi all, i'm a Leeds fan and I am asking for the help support of all fans to sign a petition against Shaun Harvey at the FL. I would implore all football fans to lay down( temporarily at least) any rivalries and consider what may be in the interests of football. I am worried the FL and shaun harvey in particular are pursuing a rather nasty vendetta against lufc. Just when we seem to have an owner who, whilst he is perhaps no angel is managing the club properly and is clearing debt.

The link is:

Like I say I am only asking for your help as footballing fans to send a message to the FL that corruption and vested interests cannot be tolerated for the good of football, please sign.

Many Thanks

Procedentes Una

Guy Seems like a royal D, how he got that position I'll never know.

Signed. Best of luck.




09 Sep 2014 00:55:10
Im a wolves fan but I have to say the worst performance I have ever seen is james mcarthur for scotland yesterday. every time he touched the ball he was a failure




05 Sep 2014 18:41:41
According to Diame it is West Ham's fault that he didn't join a top side.
Diame just accept you just are not good enough, that is the reason.
Meaning no disrespect to Hull & their supporters but they were the only club that truly wanted you!
What does that tell you?
You have joined another "nice" club, show them the respect you never showed us, just play your football and stop telling everyone how you should be at a top 4 side.

Gerry P



04 Sep 2014 09:32:51
Ed do you think there is space for an England rumour/banter page? All of us who love football have our desire to see England play well in common. I am old enough to have seen 1966, and watched over the years a number of yes men appointed to manage our Nationla treasure. The exceptions being Terry Venables, Bobby Robson. There is no way that we will win anything with Mr Hodgson in charge but I suppose from the FAs perspective he is less likley to have unfortunate liasons. The 80 year old + members of the FA are more interested in avoiding scandal than a successful England team. Greg Dykes aim of 2022 is honest common sense

doc m

{Ed001's Note - there is an international page, all discussions of that sort can go on there mate.}



03 Sep 2014 13:48:41
Paul Cox to be sacked by Mansfield board in next 48 hours for playing the most boring and ugly football ever known in the history of the Football League




02 Sep 2014 19:42:58
Really close to announcing the new manager, Huddersfield are set to name the new manager in the next 48 hours, Chris Powell is still the favourite for the town job. Steven Pressley second favourite (Believed not to interested) and Neil Lennon third (Dean Hoyle number one target. )




01 Sep 2014 19:41:16
You have just signed Diame from us, good luck, he is disruptive and plays when he wants, sulks when things go wrong.
Bruce should have let him join Harry at QPR.
Sorry guys.

Gerry P



01 Sep 2014 19:30:14
any news on glen murray? All I know is that he's had his medical and terms are being set.




31 Aug 2014 20:24:19
Beppe gone. Galli in this week




30 Aug 2014 20:43:52
Karanka confirms Vossen to sign before deadline - season loan with option to buy. Wildschut in Boro for medical will sign on permanent transfer. Bamford loan only till January as he wants to be sure he is with club pushing to win the championship / promotion




30 Aug 2014 16:33:58
Again Manchester United looked very poor (being kind) can't see how they are still any where near contenders.




30 Aug 2014 00:54:36
Macca ain't going nowhere




29 Aug 2014 19:37:09
Burnley are still intent on a Troy Deeney purchase, though are trying to reach a compromise with Watford to avoid paying extortionate amounts.




28 Aug 2014 17:54:00
Burnley are lining up a bids for James Morrison of WBA and Lewis McGugan of Watford. Burnley have had a dreadful summer transfer window after failing to land targets. Dawson, Lansbury, McArthur and Deeney.




28 Aug 2014 17:47:54
Jack Robinson to Town anybody? The 20 year old left back looks to be making a detour to Hudds, while en-route from Liverpool to QPR. He's been sold to the Londoners for 1m, and according to the Red Tops will be loaned straight out for the season. A good deal if it comes off!




27 Aug 2014 15:58:50
Congrats to MK Dons tonight, what a performance, gutted Saints let go of Reeves now! A nice 100% win record against Utd, quite a stat there!

St Sam



26 Aug 2014 12:57:16
Brighton have completed the signing of midfielder Gary Gardner from Aston villa on loan until 1st January 2015. This could suggest that Stephens and March are expected to be out for the long term from now.




24 Aug 2014 23:21:53
We need a new goalkeeper, Tomas Mejias is not good enough
Who would you like to see in goal for us?


Jason Steel, he is local and has done nothing wrong




24 Aug 2014 23:09:00
Manchester United should be looking to move on Michael Keane, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Rafael Da Silva, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Tom Cleverley, Maourane Fellaini, Anderson and Danny Welbeck. These players should raise £86 million. I would accept £50 million for these players. They have been given so many chances to impress the hierarchy at Manchester United and have failed to deliver. There may be debate but there are no signs of improvement.

Also, I think Angel Di Maria would be a terrific signing for the team, however for the right price. I personally think we should not pay over £48 million for him. He transformed himself as a central-midfield player and was Real Madrid's best player besides from Cristiano Ronaldo. The comparisons between the transfer of Juan Mata are irrelevant because Di Maria can play anywhere across the midfield and is willing to sacrifice himself for the team.

Although, if Gareth Bale is worth £86 million, then in my opinion, Angel Di Maria is worth paying £95 million for.




24 Aug 2014 19:52:55
Wheres bb86 and fulham lad, hows RM doing




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