The Price of Football Tickets




The Price of Football Tickets

How is it Tottenham feel they can justify raising already exorbitant ticket prices for next season, even with the huge increase in tv revenue? For that matter how come the other clubs are making such a song and dance about freezing prices or making a tiny reduction? They could all make massive reductions if they chose, but of course they were never going to do so.

The likes of Blackburn are struggling to fill their grounds, mainly because of the high cost of tickets. It's far too easy to sit at home and watch the games rather than going to the games.

It doesn't help that the Premier League allows the tv companies to dictate the fixture list so much. Is there anyone who actually goes to the matches who would not prefer a return to the days of 3pm on a Saturday? These days your team can be playing almost any day of the week at virtually anytime of day.

It's about time the Premiership started thinking about the fans rather than money. If Sky is going to pay huge money to be allowed to mess about with the fixture list then the fans should be compensated with cheap tickets. After all Sky would not want to show the games from empty stadiums, they want the atmosphere created by full grounds.




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