The only choice




The only choice

Good to see UEFA have got something right today - they decided against giving Euro 2012 to Italy. This has to be the right choice considering Italy's recent record, not just the trouble but also the vast amount of corruption in the Italian game. I believe it is related to the win at all costs mentality in the Italian game, the belief that cheating in the form of diving to win a penalty is clever play. It is only a small step from there to pay a referee to favour your team or your opponents to throw a match.

Because of Italy's problems the tournament had to go somewhere else or they would have no incentive to clean up their game, by doing this UEFA have sent a clear message Italy needs to sort itself out. Though, it must be said, Poland has had its own troubles with corruption recently, leading to problems with UEFA and FIFA after the Polish government stepped in. Maybe the best choice would have been Croatia and Hungary, but they were never in the running for some reason that I have yet to understand.

But then not having seen the bid they submitted I am unable to comment on its merits or otherwise. So all I can do is congratulate UEFA for not giving it to Italy and hope Italy will take a lesson away from it.

Article written by Tris Burke



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