Takeover fever at football clubs




Takeover fever at football clubs

I think the time has come for Manchester City fans to worry about their club - Ray Ranson has made a bid! Every Leeds United fan will tell you how he played a major part in their downfall with his financial mismanagement. It was enough to put Doug Ellis off selling Aston Villa to a Ranson-led consortium.

His ideas for financing a club were very similar to the plan the Glazers have implemented to buy Manchester United. The problem is that Leeds, Villa and City have not got the kind of financial muscle needed to pull it off. A buy now, pay later policy only works if you can call on plenty of spare cash in the future.

United have lots, but City are struggling to survive as it is, the last thing they need is more debt added to their already considerable one. They are in the unfortunate situation most lower league clubs find themselves in - they have to sell to survive, let alone buy.

Joey Barton's whines about the club needing to attract better players and stop paying average players over the odds are helping no one. Perhaps he should remember that he is earning big wages too, Joey could always give up a portion of his wages to help the club afford better players.

Incidentally the players he seems to be aiming his jibes at, Giorgios Samaras, Bernado Corradi and Emile Mpenza, are all full internationals and highly regarded in their own countries. Which is a lot more than can be said of Mr Barton!

Instead of him and Richard Dunne coming out with damaging stories about the them and us attitudes, they should do more off the field to integrate the foreign players. As captain Dunne has a responsibility to the club to make sure everyone feels part of one team and to give the club a good team spirit. It seems to me that the players that are failing Man City most are Dunne and Barton, their comments have done nothing but make the divides worse.

Article written by Tris Burke



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