Sven Goran Eriksson turns his hand to comedy




Sven Goran Eriksson turns his hand to comedy

I think Sven Goran Eriksson is looking for a career in comedy with his latest interview. Calling himself good value and then saying he is not greedy are two of the best gags I have heard in years.

Yes, I am sure we all think it was very altruistic of Sven to take just one year's money instead of two after he was sacked. I just wonder how many other people have been sacked for incompetence yet still got paid millions.

Sven must have absolutely no shame to claim he gave good value for those millions. Did he not watch the negative, boring and, quite frankly, embarrassing performances his England team gave during the World Cup? Maybe Sven was far too busy scanning the crowd for pretty ladies he could use his 'charms' on.

You would think that the fact none of the big clubs have been bashing down his door with job offers would tell Sven something. But no, he still trots out the same old rubbish about England being unlucky and that he is a wanted man. One of these days Sven will wake up and realise they were not unlucky at all. No, they were, quite simply, rubbish!

Article written by Tris Burke



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