Signs of bias




Signs of bias

Why is it that Manchester United get to play before Chelsea do every single week? Oh except when they lost to Portsmouth and then we had to put up with Alex Ferguson whining about how Chelsea control the fixture list because Chelsea got to play first!

If anyone controls them it is clearly Man Utd, as Jose Mourinho hinted when he replied to Fergie's moans. There does definitely seem to be a bias towards United in the media, and always has been.

With the FA always bowing to United as well, such as the allowing them to have zips on their kit even though zips were banned, and changing referee's colours so that Man U could have a black kit even though other clubs had been told they were unable to use a black kit because it was for refs only.

There is a long list of incidences such as this were United have got their way and now the fixture list is another one to add to it.

Article written by Tris Burke



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