New Zidanes




New Zidanes

I see Ribery is no longer being talked about as the new Zidane, apparently the new Zidane is now Samir Nasri. What is it with this desire to label players as the new Pele, Best or Zidane?

Personally I think it's a method for lazy journalists to say 'this kid is special!' I would rather they took the time to explain why they think the kid is so special. A good example of this is Theo Walcott, I have heard so much talk about how good this kid is, yet the only thing I have learnt is that he is quick, very very quick.

We could all have figured that out for ourselves, the kid is lightning, but it takes more than pace to make a world beater (see, for example, Darius Vassell). I have only seen Walcott play a few times myself but I have yet to see the signs of a special player. I remember watching Michael Owen play when he was about the same age and he stuck out like a sore thumb as a potential star.

I don't see that in Walcott, I see a good player with bags of pace who can't cross a ball if his life depends on it, kind of like Aaron Lennon really. I have to think the hype that surrounds Lennon and Walcott is purely because they are English and there is such a lack of young English talent.

It shows how desperate things are for England when Kieron Dyer gets a recall, another example of a player with nothing to his game but pace. In my opinion it is Roeder's replacing of Milner with Dyer that shows he is not capable of managing a team of the size of Newcastle. Dyer typifies the overpaid mercenaries that have cost the Toon so badly over the last few years. He believes he is a far better player than he actually is, and is a very poor team player.

Milner on the other hand is a team player, a hard working lad with far more ability than he is given credit for. Milner was in the same age group as Rooney, and, despite Rooney's better physique to deal with older players, he broke through ahead of him. Newcastle would do far better with more players like Milner and Aaron Hughes, who they never should have sold, and less Dyers, Ameobis and Babyaros.




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