Mickey Mouse SPL




Mickey Mouse SPL

There is a lot of talk about the SPL being a 'mickey mouse' league because there are only ever two teams capable of winning it. Most of these jibes seem to come from England, this is the league that is also a two horse race between Chelsea and Man U, so I fail to understand the criticism of the SPL.

In fact when you look around Europe there are very few leagues that are more than a two horse race. Those that are tend to be the weaker leagues because the top teams are regularly weakened by the loss of their top players to the bigger leagues.

In Scotland you have Celtic and Rangers, in England Chelsea and Man United, Italy it is normally Juventus and AC Milan, though the Calciopoli scandal has shaken things up a bit there. In France it is all about Lyon, in Germany it is Bayern that dominate, so why is it viewed differently when it happens in Scotland?

Maybe it is just antipathy towards near neighbours that gives rise to the jibes?

Article written by Tris Burke



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