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Liverpool's spending plans

I see the 'news'papers are speculating about Liverpool's transfer budget for next season, they seem to have settled on a figure of 40million. I wonder how they have decided this figure is the correct one when it almost certainly will not work like that with the new owners. It is likely that it will depend on what players become available over the summer.

Hicks and Gillett both come from an American culture of 'marquee' signings that come outside the normal budget. American sports teams tend to have what they call a franchise player, the huge star that shifts shirts for the club, like David Beckham does. They might well view Steven Gerrard as Liverpool's franchise player, or they might be looking for him as we speak.

I think the likes of Kaka, Samuel Eto'o and David Villa will all be the subject of enquiries as a statement of intent. Whether any of them will actually join Liverpool is a different matter. But any signing of that ilk will surely be outside the 40m budget and be accepted because of the potential marketing gains to be made. Liverpool lag behind Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea on the merchandising side and that will be one of the first things the new owners look to address.

Article written by Tris Burke



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