It's not always about race




Its not always about race

Why is this Milan Baros gesture seen as a racist insult? It looks to me like he is saying Stephane M'Bia smells, but I fail to see how that is racist. Baros isn't saying you are black therefore you smell, so what is racially motivated about his gesture?

Maybe the world is so far gone in the realm of politically correct madness that you can no longer say someone smells if they have a different skin colour than you? This is the same stupidity that sees a black man boxing against a white man and the commentators are explaining who is who by the colour of their shorts!

It's not an insult to notice someone has a different skin colour anymore than it is to notice the colour of their eyes. It's about time people stopped looking to blame racism for every dispute and realised sometimes they are just disagreements between two people. That one is white while the other is black should be completely irrelevant.

If the world gets anymore pc we will have football clubs told they must have a certain percentage of disabled players. We already have all the calls for more black managers, do these people forget that until recently black players were scarce? Until more black players end their careers of course there will be less of them, because there are less to choose from.

They surely can not expect the likes of John Barnes to get another club, he failed miserably at Celtic, so badly it has destroyed any hopes he had of making a success of his coaching career. Doesn't really leave a lot of ex-pros to choose between, and with so few management jobs and so many ex-pros of course it will be difficult to get a job.

Instead of worrying about people's colour of skin they should worry about whether they are the best person for the job. Unlike the FA when they chose Steve McClaren to be England manager, there is no way on earth anyone will ever tell me he was the best candidate for the job!

Article written by Tris Burke



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