How did it happen?




How did it happen?

Ok maybe it's me, maybe I am just a bit clueless regarding financial affairs, but I can't for the life of me figure out how John Arne Riise has ended up being declared bankrupt. Not only has he had all those years with Liverpool on a decent wage and a big fat signing fee when he joined them, but before that he was in the tax-free principality of Monaco.

I might be being dumb here but I would have thought he could have saved up a few quid, let's face it he must earn at least twenty grand a week, you would think he could do a bit more than fill a jar with pennies. I know he has been having trouble with his agent but surely the club could and should be taking better care to stop these kind of problems happening?

The clubs should fill a player's time with visiting hospitals and schools, get them holding training sessions etc. keep them out of trouble. They have far too much time on their hands at the best of times and I have often read one whining about boredom while injured. That's easily fixed, stop whining and get off your backside and do something for those less fortunate, or just go to the club's academy and help out with the youngsters.

But then that would take them away from their baby Bentleys. There are too many Anton Ferdinands and Nigel Reo-Cokers and not enough Jamie Carraghers




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