Football League is not for reserves




Football League is not for reserves

Sometimes I am ashamed to be a fan of a 'big' Premier League team, especially in the last few weeks. Clearly Rafa, Jose and Arsene have yet to fully understand the English mentality when it comes to our clubs. Though it is clear Ferguson knows better, that is why he has not joined in the calls for the 'big' clubs to be allowed to field their reserve sides in the Football League.

It is such a stupid idea and typical of the selfish, uncaring attitudes that have driven so many lower league clubs to the wall in recent years. It might well work in other countries, but in England fans are fiercely loyal to their team whether it is in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two or the Conference.

The thought of the likes of Torquay United or Accrington Stanley being driven out of the league so Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal can field their reserves is abhorrent to me. Who wants to watch Chelsea B versus Nottingham Forest? All that would happen is that the Football League would be further weakened for the sake of the Premier League. It can not be allowed to happen.

Article written by Tris Burke



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