Flamini issues ultimatum




Flamini issues ultimatum

I see Flamini is proving Arsene Wenger is right to leave him out by talking about leaving when he is failing to get in the team. If he is going to make it as a top player then he needs to learn to fight for his place, to say to himself 'I am going to work even harder in training to show the gaffer he was wrong to leave me out'. Instead what we get is the reaction of a spoilt brat - if you aren't going to play me I will take my ball and go home.

At a time when Arsenal need their players to be ready to fight for the cause Mathieu Flamini is found wanting. I wonder if Alan Curbishley is looking at it and thinking how well Flamini would fit in at the Hammers? He certainly seems to have that 'Baby Bentley Brigade' attitude. Mathieu is at an important crossroads in his career, the moment when potential is expected to start being realised and any decision he makes now will have a massive bearing on his career.

I just hope he has a good agent who will advise him on what is in his best interest rather than on what makes the most money. I can not see any of Europe's top teams giving him anymore playing time than he gets at the Gooners, so he will almost certainly either end up in the same boat somewhere else or have to take a step down in search of first team football. Either way he would have been far better airing his concerns in private to Wenger rather than going public, especially at a difficult time like this when Arsenal need to stick together.

Article written by Tris Burke



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