Different strokes for different folks




Different strokes for different folks

I was struck by the differing treatments handed out to certain players while watching the match between Portsmouth and Manchester United. Twice Wayne Rooney went down claiming a penalty, both times it was clear to see that Linvoy Primus had won the ball cleanly.

Despite his attempts to claim a penalty the commentators at no point had any criticisms of Rooney's actions. Would their attitude have been the same had the player involved been Cristiano Ronaldo? Somehow I doubt it, the word dive would have been trotted out and he would have been accused of trying to con the referee.

I just want to know why no one is bothered that Rooney did just that. He must have known neither challenge was a foul, yet he still attempted to claim for it, surely that is cheating? I am not saying he dived, what I am saying is he should have just got up and got on with the game instead of screaming for a penalty.

Article written by Tris Burke



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