By royal appointment




By royal appointment

I am not sure if it is such a good thing for Arsenal that the queen is apparently a fan. It is hardly as cool as, say, Ricky Hatton and the Gallagher brothers who Manchester City can boast among their fans.

Though it does beg the question of who her hubby follows. I think we can safely rule out Charlton Athletic as his club due to the arrival of Zheng Zhi, after Phil's comments while on a visit to China I doubt Zheng would be his biggest fan either! Personally I can see the queen's lesser half as a stereotypical Millwall fan: zenophobic and hates everyone, you don't get much more Millwall than that!

Do you think the family gathers round the box together to watch the big games? If so do you think the queen questions the ref's parentage when he gives a decision against Arsenal? Could you imagine being sat next to her at the Emirates Stadium? I bet she wouldn't bring a flask of hot Bovril to share on cold days!

Personally I have to say I doubt whether she really is much of a football fan or she would be presenting the FA Cup each season. Cesc Fabregas' assertion that she seemed to really know who he was is hardly much to suggest she follows football. She would have a lackey whispering in her ear explaining who everyone was, but it is nice to picture her in an Arsenal shirt cheering them on as they lose yet again despite creating 500 chances.

Article written by Tris Burke



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