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28 Jan 2014 10:11:34
Gillingham will upset AFC Wimbledon fans, by making a late transfer window swoop for the Dons current longest-serving player Luke Moore.

Wimbledon will hope to replace Moore with Swindon Town misfit Luke Rooney, who has been on trial at the League Two club in recent weeks.


It wouldn't upset me, he runs round like a headless chicken and is very inconsistent


Nothing in this rumour. Neal Ardley has confirmed Luke Moore is going nowhere, while the Dons took a look at Rooney but are not going to sign him - partly because he has an ankle injury.


Hope its true!


Someone please take him!


Hope he's gone in the summer!






25 Jan 2014 15:06:01
Norwich City are interested in Emanuel Biancucchi and his brother Maxi. They bought signed for Bahia in January this year but have fallen out with coach Marquinhos Santos. I understand they are looking into work permits before making a low offer for the pair.

Ipswich are looking at signing Swindon loanee Alex Pritchard in the summer. Mick McCarthy wanted to sign him in January but Swindon were unwilling to allow his season long loan to finish early. This is understandable as he has six assists for the club this season. They will now look to loan in a winger until renewing their interest in July.

Jason Howell

25 Jan 2014 22:23:40
Who is your source

28 Jan 2014 14:18:42
Swindon manager Mark Cooper already went on record at the start of January that if any offers for the Spurs loanees (Pritchard, Mason and Hall) are forthcoming then it will be solely down to Tottenham. They have a recall option on the loans.





15 Jan 2014 19:54:27
Wes Foderingham of Swindon town fc will be signing for ipswich town fc in the next few days


I know for a fact they have had him watched several times this season, so I wouldn't be surprised.


No offer has been made yet (16-Jan)




15 Jan 2014 10:39:08
Swindon Town are set to lose Nial Ranger if he manages to win his court case in Jan, Harry Redknap has been watching Ranger and wants him for QPR, this is the real reason why Rangers contract was not cancelled, a nominal fee of 250k has been agreed.
Swindon are again struggling financially and could also lose Wes Fodderingham as both Ipswich and Wolves have had him watched, Leicester are still interested in Louie Thompson and Rotherham want Jay Mckeverly.

Could be a very harsh last week of the transfer window for Town with at least three players leaving to balance the books.


15 Jan 2014 11:33:32
Nile ranger are you having a laugh

15 Jan 2014 13:04:33
Obviously some Swindon haters out there, not sure where your information is from but it's way off the mark. Sounds like a Bournemouth fan to me.

15 Jan 2014 13:26:08
Be helpful if you could spell the players names as you have spelt them all wrong which goes to prove you are not an STFC fan. Way off the mark with your comments for a start Nile Rangers court case is February (did you see how Nile was spelt).

Spelling the names, wow that makes me a fake fan, grow up and smell the coffe, Swindon are about to lose two important employment cases which will result in players being sold as Power has already put in well over 500k additional money to get us through this season, he may not want to stump up the money we will lose in these cases, in which case players will be sold.
come back and ridicule me at the end of the transfer window and let's see who is right.
Oh and I am a season ticket holder in the Town and and have been for the last 21 years


16 Jan 2014 15:50:15
Rotherham manager Steve Evans is set to sign
Sanmi Odelusi on loan from Bolton

22 Jan 2014 17:34:51
Slumdog - were skint yet signed a player today for 200k so I think you are more like a scare monger rather than knowing any facts.
Smith signed today from Charlton 200k and Power has stated he has the funds to cover us for this season. I expect a couple of players to go in the summer as we need freshning up any way and the Spurs loans will go back and no doubt some new loan players for next season.

We need an experienced central defender / midfielde battler to sure up the team

Only me



09 Jan 2014 09:52:31
Ex Swindon and Gillingham winger Mark Rooney is currently training with Wimbledon. Not sure if a contract will be offered as they are ok for players in that position.


Would that be Luke Rooney.


Nice lad. Not sure he much of a chance at Swindon


09 Jan 2014 13:23:03
You mean Luke Rooney. ?

The same Rooney that's just signed for Crawley on loan?


Didnt he get recalled from his loan?


His loan ended, they never recalled him.




03 Jan 2014 19:00:21
swindon town linked with the return of andy williams from yeovil


03 Jan 2014 21:18:04
Hard job he's out injured for the season!

04 Jan 2014 02:39:24
he also still belongs to swindon

Look Bournemouth were never going to get our goalkeeper wes.
Wes as made many comments saying that he wants to stick with the club and does not want to move to Bournemouth. He signed a new contract as well for another 2 year additional


Best post of the year/season, Swindon trying to sign an injured player form themselves. good one!




03 Jan 2014 19:02:33
swindons wes fodringham set to move to bournemouth in a deal believed to be in the region of £750000 including wes thomas moving to the robins


£750,000 + Thomas, you really are having a laugh!
Half that tops!


We've signed a better keeper in Lee Camp!


Better get back in the changing room Mr. sneak and see who Wes has passed the one way ticket to Bournemouth to now that we have signed Lee Camp!


Wes (Swindon) does not want to leave the club and signed a contract. You would never get him unless you offered us 1m+


If you think Camp is a better keeper than Wes you are sadly misguided and know nothing about goalkeepers!

Wes won't leave for Boremuff he has bigger ambitions and is worth well over £1mill.


Regardless of if he is better or not we obviously are not buying him and as for players we sign from lower divisions not having ambition how quickly you guys have turned on poor Matt Ritchie

dont have a short memory

'If you think Camp is a better keeper than Wes you are sadly misguided'
jeez, still bitter about that kid called Matt Ritchie huh?


Who has turned on Matt Ritchie? Every Swindon fan would have him back in an instant. Clubs like ours historically have their ups and downs - so just get ready for your tumble. Maybe not for a season or 2, but it will come and you know it.


Who has turned on Matt Ritchie? Every Swindon fan would have him back in an instant. Clubs like ours historically have their downs - so just get ready for your tumble. Maybe not for a season or 2, but it will come and you know it.


Nobody has turned on Matt Ritchie we would all have him back tomorrow.

Just prepare for your downfall Boremuff its just round the corner.


Thanks for your concerns, we're fine here, on the up, not close to down! We all accept like ANY club, it can turn sour, we're not deluded like some. So don't worry about us, take care of your caravans in these high winds!


06 Jan 2014 17:20:37
Haha Swindon saying bournemouth will have a downfall, yet how would they know about the championship, there not even good enough to be in it. Ps thanks for Ritchie for 500k! So kind.

08 Jan 2014 20:53:52
Camp is a much better keeper experienced at a higher level and is at a higher prime of his career.

Secondly, Wes is not work well over a million you clearly know little about lower league football, even quality players are priced low in leagues one and two. And he is a goal keeper so his price will be lower.

AFCB have had plenty of downs already recently, we will be a stable championship team in the next couple of season, maybe Swindon should sort their own money problems out like we did so they don't have to sell Ritchie for £400,000 and actually get out of league one like some better clubs such as AFCB can manage. We've had so many downs with no money, this is our up, we took it, you guys clearly can't.



02 Jan 2014 20:07:36
Swindon are one of a number of League 1 Clubs interested in signing Yeovil Striker Paddy Madden




02 Jan 2014 02:10:05
Swindon are to sign Yeovil striker paddy madden who was placed on transfer list a few months ago. Swindon have been officially linked with the move with mark cooper and the chairman confirming their interest


02 Jan 2014 12:21:54
Swindon said to have bid for Thomas from Bournemouth. Knocked back though.

Wes Thomas deal is off, bid rejected was 100k and Swindon won't renew their interest




01 Jan 2014 21:53:32
Reading are set to sign Swindon midfielder Massimo Luongo for £700,000. Fee will be announced as undisclosed.


Unlikely man Swindon won't sell a quality player they have only just signed and is doing perfectly well.

Reading can have Nile Ranger if they like we don't want him


02 Jan 2014 12:05:43
Only signed for us recently for 400k can't see this happenning and 700k is way too low anyway for a player of his ability and still young.



30 Dec 2013 13:48:48
Bradford City defender Stephen Darby will be leaving to join Brighton and Hove Albion in the next few weeks as Brighton scouts were seen at Valley Parade yesterday during their 1-1 draw with Swindon Town


30 Dec 2013 18:43:29
Heard that Neil Lennon favourite for the job. Any thoughts. Chris30

31 Dec 2013 12:41:00
Not sure what Neil Lennon quote is about on this page, they could be looking at wells or the lad mentioned, if he is a centre half then maybe,


31 Dec 2013 18:06:48
WBA job

Good consistent player, would be a heavy loss for Bradford, i'd be interested in there value of him due to us having no cover he is priceless to us there for same as well the price will have to be high.


Brighton defence will be better served by Darby than by Neil Lennon I think.




30 Dec 2013 01:14:11
Top of Readings targets for January are

Nahki Wells Bradford City

Alexander Buttner Manchester United (loan)

Massimo Luongo Swindon Town


I thought Reading were in financial meltdown and going into admin in New Year


There is absolutely no doubt we will lose some players, luongo, fodderingham and pritchard have all been linked with moves away, I am more concerned with the trutfull ones such as Thompson brothers going to Leicester City and Fodderingham going


Financial meltdown? No it's just our billionaire Russian owner wanting to sell his stake but don't worry because rumour has it he's selling to the billionaire sultan of Oman. Thanks for your concern and let's hope that your club are doing a little better than us lot?! Billionaires. What they like tut!


Pritchard isn't even a Swindon player, he can't be linked with a move away


31 Dec 2013 17:02:14
Seriously going to reading don't think so

Why go to a middling Championship club that appears to have peaked and now seem in slow decline




28 Nov 2013 08:26:01
Swindon Town have been in a transition period all season, Pritchard is going to Bournemouth, Wes Fodderingham will be sold if a bid of 750k is received, this will be used to strengthen the side with a defender and forward needed, the club are unhappy with Ranger after his two week bender, Sangita shah has been confirmed as a director of Swindon, a new Chairman will be appointed before the end of this season as Power starts to show who really owns the club, on the plus side sangita and Power have attracted some real significant investors who will join at the end of the season.


Forgive me but I thought Pritchard was a Spurs player, do Tottenham know about the move or are Swindon goona do the deal without letting them know!


Its Tottenham that are selling him. do you think Swindon would want to lose his quality, of course not but spurs are selling him. Which is why swindon will lose him, as for the rest of the story, it has just broken publically on the Swindon adver that there is now a Power struggle between, the current chairman and Lee Power.




26 Nov 2013 14:50:16
Is Eddie Howe going to make a bid for Alex Pritchard from Spurs, currently on loan to Swindon.




02 Oct 2013 15:12:40
Middlesbrough will sack Tony Mowbray this week after another poor performance against Huddersfield on Tuesday night. Chairman Steve Gibson is already reportedly in talks with Swindon manager Mark Cooper.


02 Oct 2013 17:12:41
Hope not! Swindon are mid table and miles off the pace in league one? Not the answer at all! It just gets worse, mclaren would have done a job?

Get rid of mowbray today and get kyle robinson in from mk dons quality young manager and surrounds himself with experience UTB LM


02 Oct 2013 22:55:47
its karl robinson

02 Oct 2013 23:20:42
Shaun Dyce the man for me

03 Oct 2013 18:05:19
Live in London. Seen us at Forest, Millwall, home to Donny and on the box against Blackpool. Like abut of feedback on following thoughts. Regarding Dwayne Holmes he looks good enough for a starting place. Is Jaz Richards better than we have available? Despite what Robins said about round pegs in round holes, he quite clearly hasn't listened to himself. Centre halves at full back, wide men starting upfront, and central midfielders playing out wide. All happened this season, don't get me wrong, I like Robins but I think he needs to be braver and pick his team on form and not try to accommodate players out of position. Feel abit sorry for Dixon and Woods. Feel a bit disappointed with Patterson and possibly Stead. Rhodes was only played at home for an entire season. Hate to see wasted opportunities. We are probably a couple of players light for a serious assault on the play offs? Comments pleas?

03 Oct 2013 22:46:59
Gus Poyet or Tony Pulis for me both great managers don't think we should bring someone in from a lower division look at what happened to di canio haha don't want that!

04 Oct 2013 11:23:05
Monday will get asked if he does not win tomorrow.
Hope we get O'niell

Dyche staying at Burnley, if and when he does leave Burnley it would be for an established prem club, still only a young manager and Burnley is the perfect platform to progress


04 Oct 2013 14:10:32
Rubbish we are not miles off the pace in L1 when we got promoted to L1 we only won our first 2 out of 7 games and last season Bournemouth were bottom four after 12 games. There is a long way to go this season as we've only played 9 games and I can't see Cooper going to the backwater of Middlesborough. Mowbrays style of footballe is old school whereas as we are playing football the right way on the floor. This is Coopers first real management job in the FL so can't see him going anyway.

04 Oct 2013 15:59:02
Get in Oneill or Di Matteo they would do the job

Back water if Middlesbrough?! As opposed to the sprawling metropolis and centre of the universe that is Swindon. Even the word Swindon sounds dull and unhappening. Mowbrays contract expires at the end of October, he'll leave then and be replaced by one of the following; Martin O'Neil, Tony Pulis it Karl Robinson.


05 Oct 2013 15:18:42
OMFG - Yet ANOTHER defensive failure after only 4 minutes.

Williams P45

Woodgate P45

Mogga P45

Entire Coaching staff P45

Chairman P45

Board P45

No matter that we just got one back after 7 minutes this hopeless bunch of third rate journeymen are not fit to wear the shirt.

In a match against the likes of Yeovil Town Boro should be looking for shed loads of goals but what happens? Of course, we go behind.

No matter whether we scrape a draw or even a win against this opposition this has got to be Moggas last game in charge.

He cannot get the basics right with this squad.

Namely, keep a clean sheet. Score goals and get the points.



Well. Congrats where it is due.

It's only as it should have been against lowly newly promoted opposition.

Even this spirited fight back and victory (should be as I write), shouldn't be the saving of Mogga.

Even beating struggling Barnsley shouldn't be the saving of Mogga.

He has had his 3 year chance. Now only 5 wins in 2013.

Beating the bottom 2 clubs, if we do, is no indication of whether we will stay up.

Forget promotion.

Time for a change at the helm.

Sorry Mogga. Local hero. Great guy. Please get in a new manager to keep us up.


08 Oct 2013 01:04:16
P45 fur the charman. That's Steve Gibson and he owns the club. Sack himself ok than.

13 Oct 2013 14:30:55
Will mobray get a defender on loan? I hope we will get someone in before the barnsly game. I like the look of that lithuanian defender who was on trile at qpr, david wheter, danel ayala and nathan ake.

Looks like we are signing no one. Oh well another season of nothing.


Half Time : Bottom Club 3 - 0 Boro

How much LONGER must be suffer this incompetent taking our team down to League 1?

Today MUST be the day Gibbo grows some and SACKS Mogga.

This defence must be sacked wholesale and some traffic cones drafted in as they would do a better job in defence than them.

The attack have gone missing again and after a fortnight off the team and management have come back to work to demonstrate their failure as professional footballers.

I am so SAD we have had to suffer this repetitively failing manager for three years. We are going nowhere with him in charge, except DOWN.

6 points out of 6 the manager wanted. Guess what. Failed already.

GO and GO NOW> >>>>>>>


KEEP Adomah.

SACK the entire remainder of the squad.

Sack the manager and the coaches.

Sack the Board.

Chairman to quit in disgrace.

Boro going down.


19 Oct 2013 17:05:25
Mogga out. Simple as that!

Totally agree at this rate we'll be relegated

mr t 46

20 Oct 2013 19:34:56
Cannot believe I woke up this morning n Mowbray still in the hotseat. What does it take for him to get the boot? No passion no style no points again. When will the board wake up n realise we going nowhere at this rate. No wonder they give tickets away. Without it the riverside would be almost empty. Act now before it is to late and you lose the small fan base we have left.

21 Oct 2013 08:01:46
3 goals conseded againt barnsly! 1. mogga out.
2. o'neal, pulis or karl robinson in. 3. get a defender! ake, wheter or wisdom. 4. ad premier league quality players so the squad will be improved. players like : beniun, beccio, est.
if all these things are done then that's when we can start thinking about top 10 or play offs.

At LONG, LONG, LONG last Gibbo has grown some and shipped Mogga OUT.

Venus and the rest of the under performing coaches should be on the same bus.

The entire defence, midfield and all but Adomah should be on their way too.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a real manger this time that will meet this seasons target - AVOID relegation.


22 Oct 2013 18:57:33
Thank god he's gone, but please don't let gibbo anywhere near the decision for his replacement, his track record is total sh-te! I don't like the look of any of the papers suggestions Graeme Souness= no way ( anyway I thought he was dead ). Martin O'neil = not after what he did up the road. Nigel Clough = let's not go down the nostalgia route he didn't get the boot from derby for nothing. Gary Megson = GOD NO! Danny Wilson = we need someone bigger. Tony Pulis = we had enough potshot football with mogga that's why the crowd dropped to 12/13000. I think if you can pay two million for an average player then why not pay 2-3 million for a top manager who really knows what he is doing, my suggestion Jupp Heynckes now he really knows how to do it, and he's looking for a job, why not, at least its worth a try, if we get another muppet it should be taxi for gibbo time, COME ON BORO!


Oh no. Too little too late.

This is not who we need to shore up the defence.

According to the BBC he is not really wanted by Norwich.

He has been farmed out but last season even Forest only played him 12 times!

He has not played since JANUARY so will not be match fit. What a waste of time and money.

Knee jerk reaction by BORO and it will solve nothing.

We need 5 new defenders, 3 new midfielders and at least 2 proper strikers.

Oh, and a new coaching team, a new board and a new Chairman.

Apart from that there is NO chance of us going to League One for next season. Maybe.


23 Oct 2013 19:02:52
Holloways departure tonight seems rather timely? Like the idea of him at the helm!

{Ed039's Note - I dont think Holloway leaving Palace has anything to do with Middlesborough but wouldnt be surprised if he makes a swift return to management)

24 Oct 2013 09:19:31
Would like Holloway in, but fear we'll get another Manchester United coacoach in Mike phealan. We need an experienced manager to sort this team out or we nay aswell stuck with Mowbray not some coach with no experience of management.

24 Oct 2013 10:11:54
i would happily take holloway, he would play attacking football unlike mowbray (playing not to lose). glen hoddle, di mattheo and slaven bilic would also be reasonable.

I think Holloway left due to being tired. ? Might be out the game for a few months. IMO Phelan and Meulensteen would make a great management team, bringing their WORLD CLASS training techniques with them, worked out for McClaren. If Kenyon ends up becoming our Director of football, which I think is looking on the cards in a new set-up, taking advantage of the scouting network Mogga has established, it could be very exciting times ahead.
Mogga had got the wage bill down, had a £9mill transfer deficit during his tenure, set up European and Brazilian scouting links, basically left the club in the best financial shape for years, and therefore laid the foundations for the next lucky man to take up this fantastic opportunity.

Onwards and upwards, genuinely feel we have exciting times ahead. UTB



Am I dreaming?.

A really good performance all around.

Emnes even seemed to wake up and play.

Unlucky not to have scored three or four.

Despite my last, Ayala looks a good potential and a goal on his debut.

What more can you ask?

Still dubious about Woody and Williams.

Good to see Friend and Whitehead finally dropped.

Was dubious about Mogga's back room staff staying on as they are part to blame for the whole teams failings over 2013, but I am prepared to give Venus a chance for a few games.

To hopefully prove tonight's superb victory isn't a fluke.

Keep Adomah injury free and we may have our 20 goal a season man.

Who needs Leeds rejects?

Still a shame Mogga had to go as he is and was a star for the club and the town but it is clear we were going nowhere, but down, under his stewardship and tonight hopefully marks a U turn in Boro fortunes and we start to think about knocking on the play off door.

Onwards and UPWARDS.


Keep attacking like that, learn how to defend, get a quality manager, sign some key players from ath madrid and chelsea and were sorted


26 Oct 2013 10:39:07
I don ' t think venus should get the job but I do think he deserves to be in the running after last nights operformance. Exellet team performance thought ledbitter played in his proper possision and smallwood defenatly deserves to start next saturday. Adoma and carroyal are both key players. Kei kamara is a massive hand full for the opposition. All we need is the right man for the job and if that is venus then so be it we will still support the team. I just think hallaway, davis, ince or o 'neal is a better option but I could be totally wrong! Let's hope our new manager will get quality players in january or even now. Yossi benioun? Luciano bechio? Quality players in the chapionship. Sad to see mogga go but right desition.

C'mon boro we will get back to the premier leage! - well hopefully!

31 Oct 2013 09:22:07
Does anybody know if karanka guy is a good manager? I would love a manager who is young and can get great forren players on loan or for a bargin. He might get hidden gems from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil and Croatia just like laudrup got Guzman or like how pochatino got oslavado.


Boro performance back to what we have come to expect. LOSE.

Time for Gibbo to get a real, successful manager in, before it is too late.

Venus had his chance and took it well, beating a team we should have beaten even had a traffic cone been in charge, but he is tainted by years of association with Mogga, and lack of success.

The entire management and coaching team must leave today and real, professional, successful replacements brought in.

Gibson cannot hang around any longer.

Look at all the yellow cards. Is nobody in control of these players?

Surprised half the team weren't sent off.

Venus OUT>>>>>>>>>.



Venus is not the man to sign players, fight for promotion and establish the club. Gibbo needs to act and act now whether it be Karanka, Abu Ogogo, Holloway, Gigliotti or anyone else. We need a good manager who pings the ball about ON THE FLOOR with intent and agression, has connections with big clubs, gives youngsters a chance and isn't scared to sign 4-5 key players in January (A rb and lb, a cb, a creative midfielder and a st who can finish) only then will we have a good squadron who can get to the prem and stay there. Rant Over.


We need to get a new manager in quickly and the man for me is Malky Mackay of Cardiff. He is having problems with the owner so Gibbo push the boat out and give us an up and coming manager who knows how to get in to the Premier division on limited resources. GAZBORO


09 Nov 2013 11:09:20
I would love it if we got ole gunner in as manager. Won the Norwegian league twice in two seasons with molde and was offered the Norwegian job but declined. He has also had attraction from Aston villa once alex McLeish was sacked and Everton this summer before they appointed there New managers.


Well, that should put paid to VENUS and his outside chance of taking the managers hot seat.

VENUS OUT - Start as a manager in the Conference North. Do not get us relegated.

Too close to the defeat after defeat after defeat regime of Mogga.


Flattered to deceive with one result but normal service resumes away and now at home.

Our team are just not promotion material. The management certainly are not Championship material.

Perhaps Conference at best.

Time to clear out the entire back room staff and get in a real manager and real coaches if Boro want to stay in the Championship this year. At the bottom end, not the top.



10 Nov 2013 18:42:53
Mackay didn't get Cardiff promoted on a limited budget. he had a lot of money and did it with long ball football. No thank you. Solskjaer, Karanka or a Neville/Phelan combo yeah? Sound.

12 Nov 2013 17:44:41
Looks good fingers crossed, a new mentality?


12 Nov 2013 18:57:03
At last! Bit of light at the end of the tunnel, good choice mr Gibson exciting times lie ahead, especially in the transfer market!



16 Sep 2013 18:12:07
Swindon Town are in discussions with Spurs to make Ryan Mason's loan permanant for £700,000


16 Sep 2013 22:14:04
how you going get round FFP rules

Not sure if transfer fee's are included in the FPPP, I know signing bonus' aren't. Anyway, most deals are paid for over several years so it would depend on how much we would pay this season.




04 Sep 2013 21:47:18
Mark cooper will sign a centre back when the loan window opens. It is thought to be that grant hall is linked with a move away from Swindon.

Unless Spurs re-call him, which I'm not sure if they can. Then he's here for the season as he's also on loan.

Rubbish, Grant hall loves it and wants to be with swindon for the rest of his footballing life



01 Sep 2013 09:03:02
DNG is expected to join Swindon either on Monday or on emergency loan when the window opens. JM will go out on loan to a L1 team. Millwall will use the extra funds to bring in a LB & a RB. It also looks like JW will move on.

DNG whos he and JW?

Danny n'guessen

Danny ngessen josh wright

Dng is nguessan other signing is a former prem player

01 Sep 2013 23:18:33
Danny nguessan and josh wright

Dannyn guesson and john marquis, if the intials are JM.



01 Sep 2013 01:12:27
Dany N'guesson to sign for Swindon on Monday, Also expected to make a 3rd bid for wes Thomas & bring in an experienced central defender.



31 aug 2013 18:57:54
swindon have told paul caddis and alan navarro to find new clubs by monday

I think that's wishful thinking. Though that would be fantastic.

Paul Caddis Bournemouth?

Swindon have accepted a bid from Birmingham for Paul Caddis £150000 cash up front.



31 Aug 2013 18:14:02
Swindon town to sign Harry Kane on a Season long Loan from Spurs now that Luongo's deal has been made permanent.

Not going to happen this is an outragous rumour.

He is more likely to BUY Swindon Town rather than join them on loan



31 Aug 2013 16:50:53
swindon to sign massimo luongo on a 3 year deal for a fee of 400,000

Signed, sealed, delivered.



29 Aug 2013 04:16:06
Swindon Town to sign striker Gary Taylor Fletcher who left Blackpool at the end of last season.

Swindon to do a swap deal for Wes Thomas of Bournemouth with Paul Caddis moving to Dean Court.

Hope these two are true

Hope so, but can't really see this happening!.

Thomas would be a great signing with Ranger we would have a good partnership, ain't no way its going to happen though

You can have Thomas! He's absolute garbage.

If this true then I'd say it's good for all party's.

It would be good to get these but I doubt it will actually get done

Gary taylor fletcher is on trial at millwall.

30 Aug 2013 17:12:54
Swindon set to nicky ajose from on loan from Peterborough till January also it looks like Archibald henville is moving to Carlisle on a short term loan



28 Aug 2013 12:30:40
Luke Williams from Middlesborough has been in talks with Swindon, all I know is that a pal of mine was chatting to him in a Swindon Hotel and he could sign this week.


Looks like a decent player wouldn't mind him as were short of strikers

Loan or permanent?

It'll be on loan if anything.

On Loan maybe but not a permanent deal.

Williams won't be going anywhere until boro sign a striker

Think your mate might be confusing Luke Williams player with Luke Williams coach who was brought in at swindon weeks ago after he got the push from Brighton, good coach who likes to get the players passing it on the ground.

It's Luke Williams on loan for a month like the others!

Quality player Luke Williams top talent, he's been a victim of tony Mowbray having no time for the kids scored some big goals for the boro will be a great loan signing for Swindon LM

It is a loan not permanent signing and should be announced shortly, as will Archie Henvilles switch to Bradford and Alan Navaro agreeing a settlement package to leave the club and get off the wage bill



28 Aug 2013 12:11:04
Swindon to bring back matt Richie on loan, he has been seen at the liddington training ground to meet lee power and lee cooper.

And Bournemouth are to sign Cristiano Ronaldo as his replacement. Get real, why would Ritchie drop down a league when he will be a first team regular when fit.

Problem is Swindon are trying to offload op earners and matt Richie on championship wages and Bournemouth won't want to may most of his wages maybe if matt Richie is meeting lee power and cooper it maybe to finalise his share of his 1/2million transfer fee mind you where has that gone?

He's injured

The managers name is Mark Cooper. Lee Cooper used to make jeans.

28 Aug 2013 17:22:20
Lee Cooper? Kinda discredits your rumour when you get the name of the gaffer wrong.

Why buy Bournemouth players now, wait until the inevitable fire sale that's coming. £10 million in debt to the Russian at 6% interest. Only one way that ends

Bournemouth will be bust by the end of the season.



28 Aug 2013 08:35:28
Swindon set to sign free agent Derek Safo Tiekut former Fulham player as they need 1 or 2 more strikers.

Yes this is true my Fulham friend told me this to he is due to sign on friday

This would be The best bit of news all summer, but Can't see it being true

I'm a fulham fan and I've never heard of this bloke.

He's only 18 no experience, need someone who knows the leagues

This rumour has been discredited by Mark Cooper who said he has never heard of him, not true I'm afraid, however a Egypt international and an ex Arsenal youth player are on trial.



24 Aug 2013 23:59:23
Wolves will sign Wes Foderingham from Swindon in the next week, Wes himself has told people around the club he expects to leave soon.

We already have to keepers at Wolves and Hennessey is loaned out for a month, so I doubt this is true.

Out in few bars in swindon last night, that was the hot topic, wes leaving this week.

Wes will stay this season and if Swindon are still L1 next season he will get his move to the Championship then.

Fodders Goodbye, farewell!
he will sign for Wolves but the back lash will come from swindon fans he is our jule in the crown! and he will Cost!! coillins £ 200. 000 cheap
Flint £350. 000 cheap

I did not no collins went for 200,000 that's unbelievable to me he had to be worth 600,000 I find it hard to believe the money they say the players that left were on before they came to swindon I hadnt heard of them so why would they pay them such big money I think dicanio wanted a big squad for competetion but this board just want a team that's cheap if anyone gets injured god help us



23 Aug 2013 11:53:12
Derby striker Nathan Tyson to join Swindon Town on a free transfer by the end of the transfer window.

Joining today press confrence at 4

Its 6 o'clock no announcement of the signing, you said 4?

Swindon set to swoop for ex Swansea player Luke Moore, who is now a free agent

No press conference so far.

Has Moore got fixed up with a turkish club?



23 Aug 2013 08:58:36
Andy Williams has joined Yeovil on Loan. Former Motherwell midfielder Tom Hateley has been training with the club & played in the 6-0 win over Portsmouth in a behind closed doors friendly
N'Guessan still remains a target of Swindon

Frees up a wage, would of liked to keep him because of his experience but he proved he's not the goal scorer we thought he was! Get rid of caddis and benson and bring in 3 more players- winger and two strikers

Would like N'Guessen and hately to join look like good players

Clearly not good enough for the Championship?



23 Aug 2013 08:12:42
Andy Williams has left Swindon to return home to Yeovil, it is an initial loan with a view to signing him permanently in January.

Yeovil is not his 'Home', Hereford is!

Yeovil is his home now



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