Player Sightings 19

Carlos Salcido In Liverpool Airport.


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10 August 2010
Thats in portugal.
banda in the backround translates to band.
unless hes going to a brazilian club.. :D


03 August 2010
It's a mexico tracksuit lol


01 August 2010
He lfcs


29 July 2010
It's not Liverpool airport but his the wright player for Liverpool


28 July 2010
Thats afganistan in it ?


27 July 2010
Haha funny this
Photo!! It should be dodgy sightseeing


27 July 2010
Welcome to heathrow, please make your way to BANDA 3!!


26 July 2010
Why would he be at liverpool airport in another clubs tracksuit?


25 July 2010
He is a good backup player for left back or right back


25 July 2010
This is definately NOT Liverpool airport


22 July 2010
Going wigan ??


21 July 2010
That's why the sign for 'gate 3' is in a foreign language then? numpty!


21 July 2010
Thats not liverpool airport


21 July 2010
Hes not that good anyway


21 July 2010
Yeah not a liverpool airport


21 July 2010
Those nike were out 5yrs ago
so their you go


21 July 2010
Ummm... the sign in the background is in spanish!


21 July 2010
Hahahaha thats not liverpool airport trust me i work ther


21 July 2010
This isnt in liverpool it's after the world cup seen the photo before ,he's even wearing a mexico polo shirt and jogging bottoms .


20 July 2010
I hope he is for liverpool, for me he was the stand out left back at the world cup


20 July 2010
Hes a good player.


20 July 2010
Fake look




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