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13 May 2015 07:11:46
Rotherham united looking to reignite there interest in Emanuel Ledesma who will be available on a free when his contract with boro is up in the summer the signing also boasts the 'value for money' evans and stewart look for

22 Mar 2015 23:07:42
Middlesbrough will make a £10M move for leeds Utd Pair Alex Mowett & Lewis Cook subject to them being promoted to the PL - Cook could then be loaned back to leeds for the season

23 Mar 2015 20:49:12
total rubbish as mowatt an cook are valued by leeds at 12 and 15 million respectively

21 Apr 2015 18:02:39
12 to 15 million you could buy the whole team for that

20 Mar 2015 15:14:59
Middlesbrough's Muzzy Carayol is to go on loan. Nottingham Forest is a likely club he could play for.

20 Mar 2015 18:15:36
No he is not the move as been blocked

02 Feb 2015 11:30:34
Crystal Palace have come in for Middlesbroughs Lee Tomlin

02 Feb 2015 14:45:06
Is it a loan or a permanent? What's the fee?

02 Feb 2015 15:54:04
Can't believe you've asked that it would take a very silly offer for us to sell anyone of our top players

02 Feb 2015 16:33:26
..............I've been watching ssn all day and their reporter at Palace hasn't been told so you'd better get on the M1 quick as you can and tell Alan Pardew, because even he doesn't know about this bid that he's made

{Ed003's Note - We don't ask for sources on here Jimmy if folk want to give it they will.}

I have heard this too 3m

28 Jan 2015 18:43:27
Albert Adomah to Crystal Palace for 3m plus add ons, this will page the way for Tom Ince to sign for boro on loan with a view to a permanent.

29 Jan 2015 00:36:36
Middlesbrough have signed midfielder Adam Forshaw from Wigan Athletic for an undisclosed fee

30 Jan 2015 13:31:04
Boro are leading the chase to sign highly-rated Northern Irish teenager Jordan Stewart, according to his club manager.

The 19-year-old has recently returned to parent club Glentoran after a trial on Teesside, and the winger is thought to have impressed Boro's coaches.

Stewart is considered one of the brightest young talents in Northern Ireland's Danske Bank Premiership, and has been linked with a number of Premier League clubs including Crystal Palace and Stoke City.

But Glentoran boss Eddie Patterson claims Boro are leading the chase to sign the sparkling gem at the end of the season.

"By all accounts Jordan has left a good impression on Middlesbrough but like any transfer the club has to weigh up several factors before making a decision, " Patterson told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I was talking to their Academy manager and it seems that they are quite pleased with the qualities Jordan is showing in games and in training.

"I will not stand in any youngster's way when there is a possibility of a move to full-time football and neither will Glentoran. There's no question Jordan is one our game's outstanding young players.

Scott Media BelfastJordan Stewart, right, celebrates after scoring for Glentoran
"The ideal scenario for me is Jordan staying with us and then getting a move across the water at the end of the season.

"It's great for him that he has this opportunity and hopefully a big club can recognise his potential. I know Stoke City and Crystal Palace also want Jordan over for a trial and it's fantastic news because he deserves a chance in the full-time game.

"My job is to look after the club's interests but also support our young players in whatever way I can to see them fulfil their potential.

"I know some managers are reluctant to let players go on trial and I can understand that point of view but I have told Jordan we will do all we can to help him along this road while recognising the importance of him being available to play for Glentoran.

"In our conversations with young players we want to show them we have an interest in the players' future and that's paramount for me. "

A deal has yet to be finalised to bring Stewart to the Riverside on a permanent basis, but Patterson's comments suggest that Boro chiefs are already evaluating possible transfer targets for next season.

Aitor Karanka yesterday confirmed that Boro's business is done this month, after Adam Forshaw's arrival from Wigan Athletic.

Seems like this lad was the teenage sensation I was on about.
Anyone got any more information on him?

Tom Ince I don't think so utter rubbish

28 Jan 2015 15:13:16
Tom Ince linked with a move to Middlesbrough and Derby,

28 Jan 2015 14:12:57
Middlesbrough are being linked with both Graham Dorrens of West Brom and Tom Ince at Hull.

To be honest I can't see how either would fit in as Boro don't need another Midfielder of Winger.

It could be just hype but Sky are reporting it.

Personally I can't see anymore business being done this January unless we let someone go first.

28 Jan 2015 16:30:43
There won't be any more major business this January, maybe one or two players in on loan later on, Ince and the likes but no more signings. We've signed well and there's every possibility we'll finish the season in the top two if we keep up our winning form of late. In Aitor we trust

01 Feb 2015 15:08:52
Albert staying none going

28 Jan 2015 06:23:26
Its is understood that West Bromwich Albion are prepared to pay £4m and Graham Dorrans for Middlesbrough left back George Friend, the player is not keen on the deal and Boro have held firm sp far.

It would have to be silly money for him to leave and Dorrans isn't that good

28 Jan 2015 12:28:39
I'd tell them to forget Dorrans and offer over six then I'd consider it maybe

28 Jan 2015 13:27:01
Adam Forshaw is a definite signing and will be around the £2million mark, and Dorrans is also a possibility considering that he is out of favour at West Brom, however, there are several clubs interested in signing him with a view to a permanent buy at the end of the loan deal. It is heard that Birmingham and Middlesbrough are the two clus at the head of the race. We are also keeping track of a teenage sensation, I heard he was coming in to take Woodgate's place as Woodgate is getting on a bit now. However, unfortunately, I haven't been given any other information about this teenage sensation, anyone have any ideas?

29 Jan 2015 09:41:31
I don't think a teenage sensation would be signing for Middlesbrough

29 Jan 2015 15:19:04
Maybe he thinks he wouldn't get game time at a prem team so he wants to come to the best team outside the prem

27 Jan 2015 14:00:07
Middlesbrough to sign Adam Forshaw from Wigan for 2.5 million pounds on a 3 and a half year deal. Move expected to be completed today

Wont be today, can see it being thursday

Well jimmy jimmy another one past your friend in the club without a word. What exactly does your mate do, sell the bovril? What a chairman. brilliant

27 Jan 2015 18:16:09
Good. That's the kind of signing we need in my opinion. Real footballers with experience of the English leagues

27 Jan 2015 18:28:12
Only me that found this deal out really suddenly? good transfer i'd say though

Sounds like another Clayton but a bit much for another player of the same

31 Jan 2015 10:04:26
Palace have signed Senegalese international full back pape souare so they won't be enquiring about friend any longer

27 Jan 2015 06:50:55
Middlesbrough have taken 19 year old Glentoran midfielder Jordan Stewart on trial

27 Jan 2015 14:16:53
An update on Middlesbrough's transfer news.
Adam forshaw is set to sign for around £2 to £2.5million.
He was Brentford's player of the year when they were in league one, has won the Pfa award when he played for them in league one and has been named in league ones team of the year. Wigan signed him from Brentford for £4million when they had Uwe Rosler but then he got sacked so this deal is almost certainly done.
He's also an academy product of Everton.

26 Jan 2015 15:28:57
This info came from a relative of Arsenal director who is over here in Greece on businesses who I was chatting to in general about football yesterday.
Arsenal have been scouting Middlesbrough's young cb Ben Gibson.
Gibson was excellent against Man City in Saturdays FA cup match and this has convinced Arsenal to prepare a bid for him before the transfer deadline rather than wait until the summer.
Not sure if deal will include a loan back back to Boro until end of season.

26 Jan 2015 19:35:08
They can get their grubby hands off he's one of our few real, homegrown players

21 Jan 2015 01:00:10
Charlie Adam is a name I've heard Middlesbrough are trying to sign.

Boro will not sign Charlie Adam. I think a few Boro fans need a reality check.

His wages would be too high for us and whoever we sign will only be a back-up to Clayton & Leadbetter.

More realistic targets would be someone who is showing promise and needs the experience of being involved in a first team squad.

Was at the Cardiff gamw last night we need someone to play for tomlins position and names been mentioned is Charlie Adam ans nick Powell so adam may sound like a long shot but were going places. and if atsu gose to derby y carnt Adam cum to the mighty boro who will be playing prem football soon ak we trust

18 Jan 2015 12:55:38
James Morrison set to return to middlesbrough

Its true the James Morris link good business

Nick Powell another name iam been told

19 Jan 2015 12:55:45
I also have heard Nick Powell.

19 Jan 2015 15:25:33
Would love either, be brilliant if we got both. Would Powell be a loan or a purchase?

19 Jan 2015 17:01:04
Old link we wanted Powell before he went to Leciester, we got Veljković instead. Stick my neck out a little - teams we've watched this season. Charlie Adam loan?! Long shot from the club.

19 Jan 2015 19:37:17
Karanka said it would be a loan from a prem team I'd be happy with any of those mentioned

19 Jan 2015 19:44:31
No, we have been linked with Powell again since his return to United. I wouldn't mind Charlie Adam, but I'm sick of loans, time we signed someone. I'd rather have someone like the lad Cairney from Blackburn. I've seen him linked with us on here before

"You are sick of loans" of course we didn't sign anyone in the last transfer window! and this one hasn't finished yet! Not really sure what you want?
Karanka has made excellent use of the loan system which also complies with FFP rules. Look at the bigger picture instead moaning.
As for Powell his loan was terminated by Leicester ( Nigel Pearson) due to his poor disciplinary record and attitude in training

20 Jan 2015 15:32:58
Calm down. Of course I'm sick of loans. Every Chelsea reserve going is on Teesside along with most of their mates from Spurs. No long term vision from Karanka, proof that he wants to move on sooner rather than later. If we lose tonight I'll bin my season card

What? For losing one game? This is one of our best seasons! and this isn't fifa mate karanka is going to bring in a player which is going to improve the squad, even if he is on loan, not break the FFP play rules by buying some overpriced player, person

20 Jan 2015 18:20:41
We should be able to beat Cardiff. Welsh team! One of our best seasons? You haven't been going to games for very long. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to break the new stupid finance rule or whatever it is called but we need long term signing.

Jimmy Jimmy is offit man calm down take a chill pill don't even k ow what your talking about!

his transfer news that comes from his friend is always miles off look at the Spurs lad he said he's extended the day before he left.
Clearly he isn't looking to the best interests in the club next he will say we should have a front two of ibrahimovic and benzema

I can't believe that anyone would moan about getting quality loans from Chelsea or any other premiership club.

Long term signings mean absolutely nothing these days. Karanka is doing a fantastic job.

We have a solid defence, the best central midfield partnership in the championship and strikers who can score at this level.

Its impossible for Boro to sogn these players permanently as their transfer fees are way to high for us.

This is an exciting season and its by far the best one we've had for over 6 years.

Some people don't have a clue on here ak using loan market because he's not daft and can buy class because he's taken ua up end of get your self to the games we played poor against Cardiff and won so stop moaning on and support your team tje club is in the best place its been in for ages utb

21 Jan 2015 21:17:54
So Jimmy jimmy we won, did you keep your season ticket? This is by far the best season we've had for at least 6 years and we are playing good football. Boro doesn't deserve fans who can't support us if we lose.

22 Jan 2015 15:23:43
Yes my season card is still intact. For another couple of weeks at least. Best season for six years isn't really saying much considering the tripe when Southgate, Strachan and Mowbray were managing Boro. As for not supporting the team I haven't missed a game home or away this season.

Stop been negative Jimmy

22 Jan 2015 18:44:37
never said you don't support the team just saying you are too negative and need to lighten up

23 Jan 2015 07:42:54
It's hard not to be negative when players like Patrick Bamford who are uncommitted and will not be here next season are making the team. Steve Gibson seems to be the only one with any long term vision

23 Jan 2015 08:29:42
Ohjimmyjimmy is the type of fan that holds the club back. I have two like him sat behind me every week that moan constantly. My son counted how many times one of them shouted 'rubbish' the other night(a word he shouts constantly btw)-after half an hour he'd shouted it 37 times, my son then stopped counting. They slag all the players off, but then celebrate their goals. Yes this is one of the best seasons we've had in a long time,and I've been going since 1984. Aitors use of the loan system is brilliant, his tactics and vision is superb. This management team will take us up. Utb

Jimmy to say that players are uncommitted just because they are on loan is Ludacris, Bamford puts his all in every game and his work rate is fantastic. Yes he may not be here next season but I am sure that every time he steps out on to the pitch either with Boro or elsewhere he is only thinking about doing his best for that team.

23 Jan 2015 12:26:53
I resent that comment as you don't even know me

23 Jan 2015 15:49:01
Bamford?!? Puts his all in?!? Does he sh. And btw Ludacris is a rapper.

23 Jan 2015 19:13:07
I resent your sarcastic comment regarding the other guys spelling. And yes, I do know you, well I know your type. Brought up in the glory days of Ravanelli, Emerson or maybe the cup final European times, you have no idea what the club is about. Bet your a pleasure to sit near at the game as all you'll do is moan. Have you celebrated any of the loanees goals/performances this season, I bet you have. The word hypocrite springs to mind

24 Jan 2015 09:03:49
I celebrate the goals of Middlesbrough Football Club not individual players. And no I was brought up long before the days of Ravanelli and Emerson. Although I do have to admit that not all the loanees are uncommitted, both the lads from Tottenham seemed fairly interested when they were here. As for moaning at the games, not unless we're losing. It'll be next season if we go up and all the loanees and substandard Spanish players are gone and we are being drubbed three or four nil every week then you'll be moaning and for when that happens, I accept your apology.

25 Jan 2015 09:12:31
If Boro go up this season then I bet my house that Bamford and Kalas are on loan with us again next season.

Its a deal that works well for us and for their development.

Jimmy chill out man and enjoy the ride.

26 Jan 2015 16:03:35
Great when do I move in?

26 Jan 2015 20:07:38
jimmy you are so negative! we will not get beat 3 or 4 nil every week and this weekend proved that. we will obviously get loanees next season why don't you lighten up and be upbeat about a great win like the rest of us. Lucky we won against city otherwise you'd have thrown your season ticket away!

26 Jan 2015 22:42:33
Is there any excuse for positivity in times like this? More loanees are not the answer, we already have fart oo many. Of course I'm upbeat about beating City but I'd throw it away for a more important league win against Brentford on Saturday. as for throwing away my season card, that seems like a waste of money but I'll think twice about renewing next season, and I haven't said that in the 40+ years I've been going to games.

{Ed003's Note - how many jimmy lol}

27 Jan 2015 07:54:41
I'd say probably about 42. I'm not that old I've just been going since I was about nine or ten.

13 Jan 2015 09:59:04
Looks like Aldershot Town striker Brett Williams is off north of the border with St Mirren and St Johnstone keen to take the hitman.

Troy Deeney of Watford on WBA radara.

Gosport Boro striker Matt Paterson being courted by Portsmouth, Oxford, Swindon and now Crawley.

Andy Johnson will snub Wycombe and sign for Luton.

And finally, Rotherham's Fabian Brandy will sign for Rochdale.


14 Jan 2015 13:30:38
quick re-brief of our targets:
Fernando Pacheco - becoming more likely, yet it is getting even quieter as there isn't much notice to this, and it is claimed to be on a loan until the end of the season.
Juan Muniz - all rounded midfielder who can easily give Tomlin a run for his place and is very competitive
Niguez - basically a full on, but younger, version of Whitehead (who is way past his peak in my opinion)

Our right back solution has been resurrected by the arrival of Tomas Kalas so there won't be any more arrivals for the Right back spot, however, two new targets who are under the radar from media have been linked with Boro. These are Tom Cairney who has been mentioned now and again, but nothing has went ahead just yet ( ). The second target is a versatile centre back who can also play in midfield, his name is Marios Oikonomou and he is only 22 years old, so has time to improve even further. He has played for Greece Under 21s and has a good relationship with Dimi Konstantopolous, who we could use to persuade Oikonomou to come to Middlesbrough.

Extra: Mark Hughes has let Robert Huth go out on loan to a Championship club. Watford are winning the race at the moment, but 2 other Football League clubs are interested.

14 Jan 2015 15:21:52
Fernando Pacheco on a loan until the end of the season may have become even more quiet, but it is still going on and is looking increasingly likely as Konstantopolous turns 37, we have Mejias as our back up at the moment and Karanka is concerned that if we get promoted, how will they cope?.

I know we still have Ripley, but he still needs experience, as that is beneficial to both him and the club, look at how Reach and Gibson turned out, an influential duo who play a significant part in Karanka's future plans.

Niguez (also known as Jony) is a younger kind of version of Whitehead is way past his peak, whereas Muniz is a more all-rounded midfielder.

14 Jan 2015 15:24:07
My mate from whom I get my information was here and I put the above names to him. Pacheco remains a target but Ivan Perez Munoz advises that Mejias outshone Pacheco at Madrid, my friend wouldn't be surprised if we swooped for a more experienced goalie whilst he knows Aitor to be an admirer of Muniz and Niguez but not interested in signing either yet (I must stress the yet apparently). He has heard nothing of Cairney but says it could be possible. There is no interest in Oikonomou though my friend is an admirer of his, Karanka has no awareness of the player. Fran Merida deal could be back on after Milos Veljkovic's loan extension failed.

15 Jan 2015 07:08:38
Fernando Pacheco is a younger keeper than Mejias, and Mejias hasn't really proven himself to be an adequate keeper who will be able to replace Konstantopolous in the near future.

Oikonomou is a 22 year old central defender who is well known by Dimi Konstantopolous as they have played in the Greece National acedemy side together, (Oikonomou was just 16 then).

Cairney is a target that is going under the radar as there has been hardly, or no mention at all, yet it is a likely possibility he could arrive in Teesside considering Veljkovic has went back to Spurs, and Whitehead seemingly past his peak and seems to be more fitted to our right back role, thus leaving just Clayton, Leadbitter and our young future prospect Bryn Morris as our only Centre midfielders. Muniz and Niguez are also potential targets to arrive in teesside.

Extra: I've been reading the Evening Gazette and it is suggested that an Emerson-type of midfielder is set to arrive on Teesside. Anyone got any idea who this could be?

Jacob Ross

15 Jan 2015 16:19:09
Oikonomou and Dimi did not play together in the Greek youth teams because Dimi would have been ineligible to do so six years ago as he would have been 31. Furthermore, Cairney is not someone who the club have expressed an interest in but I personally would love to see him at the Riverside. Muniz and Niguez cannot be called targets yet as Boro have no interest in actually signing them, but Karanka does admire the players. As for the Emerson article in the gazette you have misunderstood. If Pacheco does come in it will be if/when Mejias departs so Pacheco can be second choice goalkeeper

15 Jan 2015 16:19:09
Oikonomou and Dimi did not play together in the Greek youth teams because Dimi would have been ineligible to do so six years ago as he would have been 31. Furthermore, Cairney is not someone who the club have expressed an interest in but I personally would love to see him at the Riverside. Muniz and Niguez cannot be called targets yet as Boro have no interest in actually signing them, but Karanka does admire the players. As for the Emerson article in the gazette you have misunderstood. If Pacheco does come in it will be if/when Mejias departs so Pacheco can be second choice goalkeeper

I meant like player/coach type, you know what I mean, sorry about that little mix up.
And no I have not misunderstood the Emerson article as Karanka is looking for a loanee who can replace Milos Veljkovic.
I think everyone would love Tom Cairney at the Riverside! He is a good player and even though it is not out with the media, Karanka isn't impressed with Mejias, so is considering whether it'll be more beneficial to send him out on loan to free up wages or to sell him permanently to free the transfer budget up as well as the wages. What would you do if you were Karanka?

18 Jan 2015 16:35:23
Oh I thought you meant that their was some kind of friendship between the two Greeks. In fact, it's quite probable that the two have never met. The Emerson article was in no way a reference to any potential incomer, it was just to remember a fantastic player. Cairney, ideal signing. Karanka has said he will not sign a new first choice goalkeeper until the summer, but if whether Mejias is sold or loaned out, Pacheco would be the replacement second choice. If I were Karanka I'd pack the poor lad back of to Spain where he is more comfortable

12 Jan 2015 18:37:13
Boro have extended the loan of Tottenham defender-midfielder Milos Veljkovic until the end of the season. They will also look to confirm a couple of low-profile signings in the next few days. Spanish striker Seve Angel is expected to join on a free transfer on a contract until the end of the season whilst Magnus Wolff Eikrem an ex Manchester United free agent who (I think) was briefly on Cardiff City's books is wanted as short term cover. If the Angel deal falls through Boro will join the race for ex City striker Rolando Bianchi with fellow Championship sides Leeds, Cardiff and Fulham. Karanka may be interested in another defender as cover, free agent Steven Mouyokolo is the name after previous target Juan Torres Ruiz joined Getafe. Still on the look out for a stopper, Pachecos name still being mentioned, but Karanka wants a keeper with first team experience in English football.

13 Jan 2015 12:55:28
The only area the club are looking to seriously improve in January is midfield, preferably someone creative. Juan Muñiz of Sporting Gijón and Aarón Ñíguez of Elche are two who have been watched this season.

The club would only bring a striker in if they sold one. Bamford signing his extension meant we ended our search for this window.

13 Jan 2015 15:40:01
Can't see us going for Niguez as his goals coring ability is questionable to say the least. Muniz looks a decent young footballer but no improvement on Tomlin.

13 Jan 2015 18:43:52
The idea would be to add to the options and variety of player in the midfield area. A goal-scoring midfielder is expensive to bring in. I'm sure Aitor will get the player or two that he needs to consolidate the team.

14 Jan 2015 07:27:34
I'll put these names to my friend who is the one who gives me my information. See if he's heard anything about it

So much for your accurate info regarding Milos extending his loan till the end of the season!

14 Jan 2015 14:50:45
I managed to get most names right in the summer.

Milos is gone freeing up vital room for a creative midfielder, either loan or perm. They have spent the last 3 months watching midfielders so it was pretty obvious.

JRM glad to see you posting again, your rumours in the summer were pretty close to the final outcome compared to all this friend of a friend nonsense. Personally I would like to see Butterfield back. far more consistent than Tomlin. Apart from persisting with Mejias too long, the only mistake Karanka has made IMO

12 Jan 2015 08:59:03
I've heard Shay Given could be heading back to Middlesbrough.

12 Jan 2015 12:29:16
You've heard wrong

How do you know your information hasn't exactly been spot on

13 Jan 2015 07:29:23
Karanka wants a long term solution. Why replace a 37 year old with a 38/39 year old

08 Jan 2015 16:30:06
Boro will confirm the Kalas deal before the Huddersfield game. Furthermore a goalkeeper is high up on AK's list of targets, with a potential deal for Real's Pacheco having fallen through and Jamal Blackman having been recalled from his loan by Chelsea after the departure of former Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer to Leicester City. West Ham forward Ricky Vaz Te, who was influential in their promotion season, but has since fallen out the first team will join Boro, perhaps initially on loan as cover for the strikers and wingers. Interest in a loan deal for Chelsea midfielder Lewis Baker will come to an end with the arrival of Kalas as we will then have the maximum three players on loan from Chelsea but the search for a backup central midfielder still going on, albeit queitly and in the background with worries that Boro will not be able to extend the loan of Milos Veljkovic from Tottenham Hotspur. No names on the GK or midfield situation as yet but Vaz Te is the forward interesting Boro

Wrong about Vaz Te, he's joining Fulham

09 Jan 2015 08:09:51
I can only pass on what I've heard and what I've heard is that the deal for him to join Boro is still on

09 Jan 2015 16:23:07
Lewis Baker already joined Sheff Wed on loan.

10 Jan 2015 06:37:31
Karanka is still keen on getting Fernando Pacheco on loan, it is still going on quietly, as he wants to sort out the expired loanees, such as Veljkovic, etc, and is trying to extend them even further ahead.
Other targets that he has enquired about are:
Shay given (again)
Arbeloa (short term contract)
Steve Harper (recommendation by Steve Agnew)
and it is also mentioned that Karanka is looking for a Central Midfielder incase the loan contract of Veljkovic can not be extended. This target has been claimed to be Tom Cairney of Blackburn, as many people took into consideration that Steele left for Blackburn, would we get someone back off them?

Replies are very welcoming. Thanks for reading, Jacob Ross

Think we're okay fr keepers and Arbeloa! doubt he will come here from Real Madrid!

10 Jan 2015 10:54:46
Jacob is correct. My source now tells me that Pacheco is still coming but now only on a loan. Karanka knows what he plans to do about Veljkovic and he hasn't told. Given is fantastic but Karanka wants a long term GK. I especially can't see him going for Harper unless Agnew is a strong salesman. Arbeloa remains a short term loan target should Kalas fall through. Not heard anything about Cairney but like him as a player. Baker has joined Wednesday that's why I have said that interest will come to an end

10 Jan 2015 13:38:21
We're ok for keepers? Ok sidgybean. Did I ever tell you I played upfront for United.

01 Jan 2015 02:53:24
Bamford has extended his loan until seasons end whilst Jason Steele has made his loan move to Blackburn Rovers permanent. Boro will now look to confirm the Pacheco signing whilst Brentford have signing Rangers midfielder Lewis MacLeod, who supports Manchester United

Looks like it could be tomas kalas according to reports

02 Jan 2015 23:13:10
Yeah two arrivals from Chelsea due, Kalas and midfielder Lewis Baker. This will made possible by the return of Jamal Blackman to the Blues at the end of his loan this month

31 Dec 2014 16:37:57
Boro will look for a new right back on loan when Emilio Nsue leave for the ACON, as Damia and Ryan Fredericks are still out. Crystal Palaces Jack Hunt is one option, his loan at Nottingham Forest expires on New Years Day whilst I've also heard rumours linking Reals Arbeloa with a shock short term loan move to the Middlesbrough Teesside BBC Radio Tees Stadium

Arbeloa would be a great coup. I'd like to see us go for Bakary Sako of wolves or Jota and Andre Gray from Brentford

Would love to see Jota and Gray at the Riverside top quality players. To bring them both in we'd have to pay about two to three million but they'd be worth it. They'd be useful with Bamford going back to Chelsea at the end of the season and hopefully Vossen returning to Genk

31 Dec 2014 12:00:58
Boro will look to loan out or sell James Husband who has failed to break into the side since joining in the summer. Karanka does not want many new signings, but Boro are interested in Chesterfields Eoin Doyle for half a million pounds and with Blackman returning to Chelsea and Mejias set to depart, Real stopper Fernando Pacheco will sign on loan until the end of the season with a view to a permanent move

Husband your mad class player hoin nowhere kike is shocking should be vossen up top Bamford in behind and keep it that way vossen on a different level he will get 20 goals a season

04 Jan 2015 14:16:02
All the silly people saying Kike is bad must not have been involved in the game. He is crucial to our team with his hold up play, as for Vossen twenty goals a season? Really?ok then.

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