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28 Jul 2015 09:55:39
Boro will meet rovers valuation of £12m for want-a-way striker Jordan Rhodes this week, now that the player has stated in media he wants to talk to Boro its just about arranging a suitable payment method to suit both clubs

28 Jul 2015 17:18:16
If Rhodes does not join Boro will turn to Sam Gallagher on a season long loan from Southampton, but Gibson is confident he can strike a deal with the Venkies

28 Jul 2015 21:41:59
Sam Gallagher from Southampton? We need a proper proven championship striker in the Rhodes mould!#UTB

29 Jul 2015 15:23:16
Apparantly Sam just signed for MK Dons !!! So let's go for top quality up top ;-)

29 Jul 2015 17:59:12
Lord bendtner would be welcome Yano or balotelli

27 Jul 2015 20:59:47
Middlesbrough have signed midfielder Diego Fabbrini on a season-long loan from Premier League newcomers Watford.

24 Jul 2015 14:42:58
Diego Fabbrini in talks with Boro about a loan deal, not really cut the mustard at Watford but could shine in a different formation than the 4-3-3 we played last season

27 Jul 2015 12:49:17
Whatever happened to ohjimmyjimmy?

27 Jul 2015 18:52:54
Really not sure about this one. We have Albert, Stewie, Tomlin, Muzzy, Reach and Wildschut all competing for 3 positions. The guy can't get a look in at Watford, meaning he will not improve our team. Given that we have and want to continue to spend big this summer did we really need Fabbrini? Would have preferred to keep the money for a number 9.

28 Jul 2015 00:15:23
For me you have to play Carayol, he'll be like a new signing this season and will torture defences, there's something strange with his relationship between him and Karanka

{Ed003's Note - It's 2015 so it's fine these days.}

24 Jul 2015 11:24:31
Aleksander pato to boro on Loan ?? Anyone know anything ??

24 Jul 2015 12:10:44
Yes. This is made up lol

24 Jul 2015 14:49:53
Hahaha this is as likely as boro winning the premier league next season.

24 Jul 2015 16:51:29
Thought so it was on Wpedia this morning had him down on Loan at boro for 2015/2016 season it's not on now!

24 Jul 2015 18:14:30
I posted other day on this and the site never posted it not sure coul be true never know

25 Jul 2015 13:02:42
Would love him can't see it though

23 Jul 2015 14:27:45
Blackburn have rejected a £10 million bid from Middlesbrough for Jordan Rhodes.

23 Jul 2015 20:15:17
Not true

23 Jul 2015 20:43:02
Wishful thinking???? We haven't got 10m to splash out in one go

23 Jul 2015 22:20:22
Who said we haven't got 10 mill to splash Downing has just cost £5.5 Stuani £3.6 and according to Downings interview there is some very exciting players coming in, we will sign Rhodes

24 Jul 2015 07:48:45
We need a goal machine and rhodes has scored 20 goals every season since 2009

24 Jul 2015 09:16:11
Any deal for Rhodes will be structured not upfront. Other deals will be loans or free transfers or very minimal fees. Mfc don't have 10m to give upfront. When's the last time a championship team spent nearly 20m pre season? Even with parachute payments! Deluded

24 Jul 2015 09:21:19
Way too much of a gamble for anyone to be paying this sort of money for Rhodes. Worryingly his scoring record has dropped every year since he started playing in the championship. Although he still has impressive career stats in the past, If this trend follows he won't hit 20 goals next season. And this would follow a pretty poor 2014/15 campaign by all accounts where Gestude took the headlines.
Sure you want to up the bid boro? Huge risk imo for this sort of figure in the championship. Jerome of NCFC & Wilson of AFCB both cost £3m. scored the goals for thier promotion.
No idea how 14m can be justified. Bizarre

24 Jul 2015 10:11:56
Rhodes missed a lot of their away games as they chose to play gestede up on his own as he's better suited to the lone role if we sign Rhodes and he scores 20+ goals and we go up he's a snip

24 Jul 2015 11:10:46
There is no way you could buy Jerome and especially Wilson could be bought for 3 million are you mad?

24 Jul 2015 12:12:26
I think he meant that's how much they cost Norwich and Bournemouth to buy them originally

24 Jul 2015 13:14:19
Gents, let's be fair here, Karanka has shown his hand, he wants Rhodes and is willing to throw nearly 12m at it.
The chances we created and missed last season were frightening, this guy won't miss many chances.
Forget Jerome, Hooper, Gayle,Wilson etc. SIR AITOR wants Mr Rhodes and I'm pretty sure he'll get him.
Anyone know much about this new Italian lad on loan from Watford?? Didn't see that one coming, I knew we'd looked at Lansbury but it looks like he's going to join Jelle and Juke at Burnley instead.

24 Jul 2015 15:43:24
Karanka has no say in transfer fees or contract negotiations. He might want Rhodes but ultimately its down to Mr bauser(sic). But 12m is a complete over estimate of his abilities and for a small club like ours too much money to fork out. Cheaper options are available and should be pursued

24 Jul 2015 16:22:14
Its diego fabrini and Rhodes has asked if he can talk about going to boro and is publically unhappy at blackburn i think we will get him

24 Jul 2015 16:52:20
More info on fabrini


24 Jul 2015 20:30:58
Realist, I really appreciate what you are saying and you Always talk sense on this site so fair comment but we've tried the cheaper options and they have not worked, Lita, Emes, Mcdonald and Juke to name a few. We have found some Incredible players at bargain prices like Gorgeous George, Dimi and ayala but this position very rarely thow's up a bargain, to buy goals you have to pay top dollar. We will end up with Rhodes. I am certain of that, the players advisors asked Rhodes to go public and he has, the lad wants to come to Middlesbrough, that means a lot to me, a player saying where he wants to go. The arrival of fabbrini pretty much allows Boro use Tomlin in this deal, a player Blackburn have asked about to bulk up the deal itself, only on loan I might add but Boro to cover his full wages for the season. Don't be surprised to see this deal go through by the middle of next week. #freejordanrhodes

25 Jul 2015 09:08:07
12m is just far,far too much. We don't have much money and, bar a cup run, little coming through the turnstyles. Arsenal are only paying 8m for a seasoned Spanish international! Despite what people think we're not changing formation. Karanka has a style that works and hasn't altered it during pre season. Will Rhodes hit double figures up front on his own? Stauni, to me, seems better suited to the role of lone striker. I'll say what I did about vossen. If he's as good as say then why's he playing for boro and no bigger clubs looked twice at him? Good player but for anything over 78 i'd look elsewhere. You could probably get gray and him from wolves for 12m

25 Jul 2015 10:53:13
I agree Rhodes has never played up our his own. He isn't physical enough he can't hold the ball up and he's not good in the air. he's just a poacher and a good finisher but you need more than that as a lone striker. He would flop massively in our formation it will be a very poor signing for the type of money people are saying. If we play 2 up I would be confident he would score however I know that's not going to happen. I think it would be reckless and worrying if we spend 12mil. After all he doesn't even get in Scotlands national side. says something.

25 Jul 2015 14:53:01
Gray and him from Wolves, if you can't remember his name I'd possibly not spend 5-6m on him. Haha.
Just joking there but seriously, 12m or whatever we end up paying is nothing compared to the money promotion will bring in, plus he's only 25. His best years are ahead of him, hopefully in the red and white of the Boro.
If we want the best striker available, we get Rhodes.
If the guy you are talking about at Wolves is Adobe, we turned down the chance of having him last season for 1m from Arsenal, before he went to Mk dons on loan. Funny awld game eh ??.

25 Jul 2015 17:35:06
If we go up then yes its money well spent. However this is going to be a much,much harder league than last season and we'll do well to make the playoffs again so effectively blowing 2 seasons transfer kitty on one player doesn't make the most financial sense. Afobe was an absolute beast last season. i'd have him over Rhodes personally. Cheaper and potentially more profit when he ultimately leaves

26 Jul 2015 08:00:34
Adobe was a beast, strong, quick, unsettles defenders and can finish.
It goes to show your their are younger players out there that just need regular game time to develop.
People are talking about James Wilson and other younger players with top clubs but I really think we need a guarantee in That position, we'll see soon enough.
I certainly don't disagree with your points realist I just think I'd prefer to really go for it this season, because if we don't pull it off we could drift in to midtable obscurity the year after, Gibson has made huge investment already in Stewie (big gamble) and Stuani (bargain).
On your point of a harder division, fully agree. Hull, Burnley, Qpr, Boro, Derby, Forest, Ipswich and their will be a few surprise packages too. Expect Sheffield Wednesday to be better and more equipped this yr. going to be a tough grind.

26 Jul 2015 11:49:37
Rhodes is on a par with Danny graham limited pace and techniques decent championship strikers, imagine if we were looking to pay 10million plus for graham. We need to look elsewhere, Gray is better bet plus we must add goal threat from midfield

26 Jul 2015 15:30:31
Rhodes on par with Danny Graham, oh my word.
Jordan Rhodes is a prolific goalscorer, Danny graham (even tho I like him) is not, that fact alone proves your statement to be wrong.
I agree with everyone, paying What we will is a gamble, a huge gamble but a gamble we need to go with, if we don't go up this season our better players barring Stewie, will look to move on.

26 Jul 2015 21:02:24
Boro in Derbyshire. Granted Rhodes has had more twenty goal plus seasons in the championship but to be fair Graham's last full championship season saw him score 24 compared to Rhodes last season haul of 21 and I think its fair to expect that had Graham not gone up to Premier league (where he scored 1 in 3 in his first season with Swansea) he would have followed up with more 20 plus seasons in championship. I think your'e spot on saying that if this season we don't go up many of our better players will move on at the end of the season however what concerns me is that even if Rhodes comes (and i think he will) and gets say 28 goals and is a success we still need probably another 50+ from the rest of the team which at present I can't see.

27 Jul 2015 13:55:24
Rex siney, I agree we will need goals from elsewhere. I think Stewie will hit double figures, Grant will weigh in with a few but nothing like last season, I said this a few months back but Forshaw will be huge to Boro this season and will weigh in with goals too. We need more from Albert and more from Reach if selected. I think Muzzy could get the nod this season, we know he has goals in him and Ayala is always a threat going up for set pieces/corners. The rest is over to Stuani and whoever we bring in to play upfront. A big ask but I think Mr Rhodes in our team with Downing behind him will hit 30 this yr. I'm putting it on the line there. Haha

27 Jul 2015 16:39:50
The fact that financial fair play rules get relaxed nxt season so that debt can be spread over 3 yrs is the reason why this money is being spent now. 12m on Rhodes is a lot for a championship player, however deli Ali went for close to 9m with eventual add ons and he played In league 1. Prices are bound to be inflated as from nxt season there is a lot lot more money from tv rights. He will score goals, lots of them. And if we go up, then what will his value be? Imagine he could score 15 prem goals?? He'd be worth a fortune. If Andy Carroll went for 35m. Jesus

28 Jul 2015 08:02:01
Agent LM Bang on the mark. Prices will be inflated going forward even more So than they are already. The game is crazy now.
As you rightly point out ANDY CARROLL.
Nothing else needs saying.

28 Jul 2015 15:35:45
Totally agree but blackburn are still unwilling and gibson doesn't want to pay much more than 12m which is not unreasonalbe and apparently blackburn don't care that rhodes doesn't want to be there

28 Jul 2015 18:53:14
I heard from a colleague (Blackburn fan) that the fee they want can be met, Boro are willing to meet Blackburn' valuation but Rovers are asking for a 20% sell on fee, which Boro are not willing to accept, this is what is causing the hold up, I'm sure it will be sorted one way or another.

21 Jul 2015 13:44:09
Middlesbrough to make bid on jordan rhodes not sure on the amount but blackburn want atleast 8m, personally i think he is worth every penny.

21 Jul 2015 14:20:45
You don't have the money for this, especially with FFP.

21 Jul 2015 16:09:58
Rules have been relaxed could spend up to £39 million and then we would have 2 years to reduce it

21 Jul 2015 22:41:45
If we didn't spend all that money on mr average we'd have the money for Rhodes n he is exactly what we need

21 Jul 2015 23:29:06
Haha FFP did so much for Blackburn didn't it? Yeah I've heard that Middlesbrough have spoken to Blackburn regarding Rhodes, regardless of what Gary Bowyer says.

22 Jul 2015 00:38:10
I just don't think he is a good enough footballer to warrant 8mil it's a massive risk considering our formation is all wrong for him

22 Jul 2015 06:09:58
I don't know if he's worth it or he will score enough goals

22 Jul 2015 08:41:36
True but he is consistently good and we do need another striker desperately

22 Jul 2015 12:51:23
He will score goals and lots of em but do very little more than that.
Another Bernie Slaven, comes alive in the box.
100% goalscorer.

22 Jul 2015 13:36:53
Rhodes is not that consistent e.g. A couple of seasons ago he went about 12 games without a goal and 8m for someone like this is not worth the fee.

22 Jul 2015 16:46:06
he is worth every penny kike is not good enough and time will tell with stuani but we need a proven championship striker . what let us down last season was not enough goals rhodes will get goals

22 Jul 2015 17:58:39
Ive heard 2 rumours today don't know if anyone can shed any light first rumour is a loan move de andre yeadlin right back from spurs and second is a loan move for dwight gale triggrred by the arrival of bamford I don't lnow how true

22 Jul 2015 22:16:11
Alfonso Alves. Enough said

22 Jul 2015 22:23:24
Karanka had looked at yedlin prior to signing Baptiste, that one could be viable. I'd go and pick Dwight Gayle up myself, right now if he'd agree to come. A cracking player that would terrorise the championship

23 Jul 2015 05:42:15
Boro in Derbyshire hit the nail on the head there with both points we did look at yedlin and I'd have gayle in a heartbeat

23 Jul 2015 07:41:27
I agree boroinDerbyshire dwight would be a fantastic addition I really hope its true but this 1 he would be a handfull for most defenders

23 Jul 2015 10:20:03
Im a boro lad but Dwight gayle! Seriously some of these rumours are boderline ridiculous. Yedlin I can see though

23 Jul 2015 11:25:02
I honestly think we'll land Rhodes, Karanka needs a poacher.
Just cast your minds back to last season, how many sitters Kike, Vossen and Bamford missed, it would be a scary number I'm sure.
Rhodes simply doesn't miss many chances and has a habit of being in the right place at the right time.
RHODES brings more goals to the table but DWIGHT GAYLE is a better overall footballer. Let's be fair here, as it stands now we are one top quality striker away from absolutely slaughtering half of this division, all those 1-0's or shaky 2-1's will be a thing of the past. Haha.

23 Jul 2015 11:57:23
As much as i would like to see rhodes at boro, i don't think they should be forking out so much cash for him, there are other options out there for one there is gestede much cheaper and tried and tested in the championship too, james wilson from man utd would be a good aquistion if maybe we could get him on loan, let's face it he ain't going to get in the man utd team is he, callum wilson from brentford another player with championship experience and a decent scoring record, just wanna see boro squander all of thier cash on one player who may not even do well, let's face it he is due a bad season

23 Jul 2015 14:06:19
Smoggy80 fair point it is a lot of money but he will score loads of goals in our team we have the best creative players in the league and if we had a proven striker

23 Jul 2015 14:43:20
Smoggygooner bang on, a proven striker who does exactly what it says on the tin.
downing himself today has stated that Boro will be bringing in great players this season, he will have been made aware of who is coming before he made his decision to come back.
I think we'll have 3 or 4 new faces before the window closes.
Rhodes being one of em, to play up top with Stuani.

23 Jul 2015 14:51:57
I don't think we should waste all that money on Rhodes, I'd rather see us bid for Andre Gray or get Gayle on loan, Yedlin would be a great signing but it all depends on where he fits into Tottenham's plans this season.

23 Jul 2015 17:23:49
Callum Wilson doesn't play for Brentford. At 25 Rhodes has a good chance of returning Gibbo's investment. That said bringing Gayle in on loan as well would be fantastic business.

23 Jul 2015 18:29:09
Price set to around 14m atm not sure if he is worth shelling out that much cash

23 Jul 2015 19:46:35
Blackburn have rejected a bid from Boro today, not as high as said on sly however. The stumbling block is 20% of any profit made is due to Huddersfield and they get their payment right at the start of any payment plan that Boro set up.
Blackburn have advised Boro of what they want and talks are going back and forth.
Rhodes is desperate to join Middlesbrough and like Downing has made his thoughts clear to Blackburn and his advisors.

19 Jul 2015 10:50:15
Ricky lambert strongly linked with boro for a 3 year deal

19 Jul 2015 16:17:42
The club have denied any interest in Ricky lambert .

19 Jul 2015 21:23:02
Tried to take him on loan, however Liverpool want to sell him. It's a non starter as the 40k wages won't be lowered. Mfc even tried a similar wage structure that secured Downing, but the players agent point blank refused

19 Jul 2015 22:17:44
Lambert will come believe every time we say we want a we get done over so its just a smoke screen #belive

19 Jul 2015 22:46:26
I think Rhodes and Bamford are still targets that would be special anyone agree?

{Ed003's Note - Bamford has loan options for Boro,Palace and Norwich.}

19 Jul 2015 23:41:23
Wages are a problem going for people like lambert mind would be great though

20 Jul 2015 05:07:06
I don't think we should be going for Lambert, his wages are too big and so is his waist!#UTB😎

20 Jul 2015 05:09:43
I think bamford or Rhodes are far better options than Lambert, we need a striker with pace as well!

20 Jul 2015 08:07:36
Middlesbrough have had a bid for Rhodes accepted. 8m plus 4m add ons.

20 Jul 2015 10:11:56
How blind are you lot lambert it's a close copy of stuani why would we buy 2 players the same we will go for a quick striker

20 Jul 2015 10:38:18
talks have Already started with Blackburn regarding Rhodes.
This transfer will be far more niggly than Downings. Talk of loans going in the opposite direction have been discussed, possibly Tomlin on loan for the season to be made permanent when their transfer Embargo is lifted, they can only sign loan players or free transfers on less than 10k per week.
This is all purely gossip gents, the cards are close the chest here but Blackburn are looking for more than just money here, they need players to replace their star players on the way out.

20 Jul 2015 13:37:41
Give them kike he's crap

20 Jul 2015 19:20:08
Kike will be a backup this season, I've seen some of his finishing already in this pre-season and still can't believe how poor he is with his head, it must be shaped like a fifty pence piece.

20 Jul 2015 19:21:47
Lambert to bournemouth on 1 yr deal

21 Jul 2015 07:24:10
He's bad enough with his feet I've never seen him use his head I don't thinl

21 Jul 2015 13:41:53
Not going to happen boro have said and a good thing who wants ricky lambert

21 Jul 2015 15:58:47
Me lol

22 Jul 2015 00:31:29
I don't want Rhodes for 8mil no way

22 Jul 2015 16:29:55
8mil for a player who scored 70+ goals in 134 games is a good sum he will do it for boro with stewy adohma and tommo giving him the service

17 Jul 2015 15:47:13
Regarding the Post saying that Bamford is going to Norwich it makes sense since he now needs to get some exposure to the Premier League rather than more in the Championship with say Middlesbrough.
Returning to Boro on Loan would be a backward step.
Editor this seems to fast becoming almost an exclusive Middlesbrough site which is a bit of turn-off for non Boro fans.

{Ed001's Note - well then don't post about them! You whinge about it and then add to it, what do you expect me to do if you are going to do that? Try posting about someone else and do us all a favour, not my fault they are too blind to see they have their own site.}

17 Jul 2015 16:54:05
Point taken Editor. I did realise when posting I might receive a comment similar to yours !
Taking your advice I see that Delph's move from Villa to Manchester City seems to be back on - apparently he was having a Medical this afternoon.

17 Jul 2015 18:01:44
Where is this boro site because for boro fans,like myself, this ones becoming a bit of a turn off

{Ed003's Note - http://football-rumours.co.uk/middlesbrough-rumours.php - there is a link right above the first post on the page, "If you're after transfer rumours that concern just your club, visit our club rumours page." }

19 Jul 2015 08:57:55
Stop winging if people had info on other clubs then it wouldn't be all Boro

17 Jul 2015 07:09:35
Stuani will be unveiled as a Boro player today after he arrived at the clubs training camp in Marbella last night. The Uruguayan has took time out of his holiday to complete a medical and sign a contract to confirm him as a player of Middlesbrough FC from Espanyol on a 4 year contract.

17 Jul 2015 14:53:59
That's awfully decent of him taking time out of his holiday to double his wages at least bless him !!!

17 Jul 2015 18:13:20
He must of stopped off for another choc ice as nothing at all mentioned today !!!!!

18 Jul 2015 01:35:54
Stemfc it's in the Gazette online don't know where your looking it's been mentioned on BBC ssn and the evening Gazette back page and also on the online page

18 Jul 2015 08:34:51
Sorry my mistake Darren I seem to have missed the unveiling of him on social media and the confirmation he'd signed for the club !!! Until I see confirmation and a photo of him with king aitor then he ain't signed it was in the gazette sky sports and all over the web we signed given !!!!!!! Point made

18 Jul 2015 13:36:49
Striker Christian Stuani meets Aitor Karanka and Boro players at club's Marbella training camp prior to sealing his switch for £2.8m

20 Jul 2015 05:11:47
How come stuani hasn't signed on the dotted line yet? I think his trying to string it out hoping a prem team comes in for him!

20 Jul 2015 12:55:52
Toni you old cynic, you may have a point though.

20 Jul 2015 19:00:57
Rex shiney I genuinely think his stringing this out in the hope something better pops up! Maybe its the cynic in me but this is football and shay given say no more!#UTB😎

21 Jul 2015 23:50:08
Rex shiney looks like stuani will be here on Saturday by the looks of it, but until then I'm still cynical!lol,😊!UTB😎

16 Jul 2015 20:55:04
Been told by a reliable source he's got most right passed few seasons amd Bamford will return to the boro let's hope he's right people

{Ed003's Note - he didn't want the move apparently.}

16 Jul 2015 21:34:58
If we get Bamford back I'll kiss everybody on this site

{Ed003's Note - xxxxxxx.}

16 Jul 2015 20:06:33
Middlesbrough linked with Blackburn keeper Simon Eastwood

17 Jul 2015 08:01:48
Good young keeper. Always has a blinder against us

22 Jul 2015 00:34:26
Sign him up

16 Jul 2015 15:56:48
Patrick bamford could be returning to middlesbrough on loan.

16 Jul 2015 16:31:26
He's going to Sheff W

16 Jul 2015 18:51:21
Why would he go to Sheff Wed? The only reason Karanka said it was unlikely is because he expected him to be playing premier league. Mourinho would prefer to have him playing under Karanka for a team with ambitions of automatic promotion.
He'll either be playing in the premier league or Middlesbrough will take him back

16 Jul 2015 20:54:24
Sheff wed ? Hilarious the same team that put a loan bid in for daryl murphy ? Cool story bro

16 Jul 2015 23:38:55
If anyone it will be us. Why would he go to an average championship side. I think he will be back. Downing stuani bamford. Woody for another year kalas. i'm looking forward to it utb

17 Jul 2015 07:26:21
Not a chance!

17 Jul 2015 10:15:36
Sheff Wednesday are the bookies favourite to sign Bamford. They are willing to offer Chelsea a lot of money to take him on loan.

Norwich, Newcastle, Hull, Aston Villa, West Brom and Crystal Palace are all interested in taking Bamford on loan.

The player has stated that he wants to play in the premiership. Chelsea are keen for him to join a premiership club but only on the basis that he plays and does not warm the bench.

According to people close to Bamford, he is not keen to return to the North East.

16 Jul 2015 09:12:54
Middlesbrough are close to agreeing personal terms with free agens Sako. Sako has been unable to land a deal in the Prem, which is his dream, and has been persuaded by Karanka and Gibson that Boro is the best route for him. His contract will be heavily based on promotion bonusses and a low release clause should the club not get promoted. This is straight from the president of the Danish Wolverhampton supporters club.

16 Jul 2015 10:17:34
I am sorry, but I find this incredibly unlikely.

16 Jul 2015 10:51:24
His greed will ruin his chances of signing for a premier league team, however as the season draws nearer teams will become desperate. He was offered a contract by Leicester but spurned the chance.

16 Jul 2015 11:39:10
Seems too good to be true but if it's real then that would be such a top class signing he's quality

16 Jul 2015 11:58:29
Personally I would love this to be true, however there are a couple of stumbling blocks.

1. The player wants to play in the premier league and both Everton & Leicester have expressed an interest.

2. We cannot afford his £25000 per week wages that he was on at Wolves

3. We don't need an attacking left-sided midfielder as we already have 4 players that can play that position. (Caroyl, Reich, Downing).

If he did sign then yes I would be over the moon. An attacking formation of Sako on the left, Downing in the hole, Adomah on the right and Stuani up front would be amazing for a championship side.

16 Jul 2015 14:03:40
Boro could not afford his wage demands and signing on fee

15 Jul 2015 20:06:26
As Middlesbrough look set to complete the signings of both Downing and Stuani, I think a lot of credit has to go to Steve Gibson for turning this club around. Unfortunately under Mowbray it looked as though we could possibly be relegated. He made the decision to bring in Karanka, and what a decision that was. Just look how far we have come in 2 years! Although we are still in the Championship, we are a club certainly heading in the right direction. I think the hurt of Wembley last season will just drive the lads on more this season. I am looking forwards to a great season again and will be backing us for automatic promotion. Good luck Boro. can't wait!

15 Jul 2015 21:39:49
That's not happening medical at saints has gone underway

16 Jul 2015 07:54:17
I agree I think Gibson deserves all the credit if these signings arrive

16 Jul 2015 07:55:40
Totally agree with the first comment. Gibson and bouser deserve immense credit for what they have done in the last 18 months. All made harder by the FFP rules. I know there's mixed views about the downing capture, but what a signal it sends out. A premier league class act, England international, dropping a division when he could have easily played for half of the premier league still. Well done MFC, now it's over to the supporters to show the club their intent to get back where they belong. It's been too long, the premier league needs you.

16 Jul 2015 08:21:23
In the years we had Mowbray, he did the difficult job of balancing the books which has enabled us to launch the spending we're doing at the moment. Give him some credit.

16 Jul 2015 08:43:02
What are you on about mate downing has already said he disire to come back and sutani is a done deal

15 Jul 2015 16:21:18
Middlesbrough and West Ham have agreed a fee for Stewart Downing, reportedly around £5m.

15 Jul 2015 01:18:10
Any rumours that don't involve Preston or Middlesborough please post just have something different to read, thanks a lot, J.N.T.W.

15 Jul 2015 09:18:02
No keep the boro rumours coming, I love it :)

14 Jul 2015 22:55:20
Middlesbrough have reportedly come in with an increased bid for striker daryl Murphy.

14 Jul 2015 23:56:17
Ipswich won't sell to rival championship club. They would accept a decent offer from premier league club.

15 Jul 2015 11:34:34
No premier league club would dream of buying him. I hope boro don't it would be a shocking mistake to spend big on a player his age with his record. he's had one good season.

15 Jul 2015 16:18:21
We can all breath a massive sigh of relief he's signed on at Ipswich so we aren't getting him but we have got stewey deeeeeeee back at mfc

15 Jul 2015 16:19:45
Murphy's signed a new deal. Relieved, as more than £4m for a 32 year old is a lot at this level.

15 Jul 2015 16:23:37
He's done what all players like him do when other teams managers want to buy he's got himself a new contract and better wages with Ipswich!

15 Jul 2015 17:28:19
Ipswich Town striker Darryl Murphy has signed a two year contract extension today! Middlesbrough fans like myself looks like we've had a luck escape

14 Jul 2015 18:27:36
Miguel Ángel Guerrero will join the Boro squad in Spain this week.
He is on the radar of the scouting team who have invited him to train with the squad for a couple of days before deciding whether to place a bid.

Also, Las Palmas beat Boro to the signature of highly rated Argentinean forward Sergio Araujo, who scored 25 goals on loan for them last season.

Another Spaniard, Jonathan Viera Ramos, is under consideration from Karanka, as he looks to exit his club in Belgium. He may join the squad this week also.

15 Jul 2015 01:59:26
Seeing as Jonathan Viera has just joined Las Palmas on a permanent deal this week it makes the rest of your post seem very unlikely

14 Jul 2015 17:54:16
Middlesbrough are keeping tabs on José Ángel Pozo. The striker/AM has worked with Karanka at Spanish youth level. Is due to take part in Mancheater City's pre-season tour and could be a surprise loan if he performs well during the tour.

15 Jul 2015 06:11:46
hardly surprising he will go out on loan as he is rumoured with several championship clubs!

15 Jul 2015 14:10:52
That's a fair assumption. Derby are in the running. Middlesbrough as far as I am aware have inequired about his availability. No done deal, but the club are "putting the feelers" out.

14 Jul 2015 14:30:03
Boro updates!

Stuani we all know about, it's done just waiting for him to return from holiday.

Downing will join the rest of the boro squad in Marbella tomorrow, the deal is expected to be officially completed by tonight at west hams end.

Strikers. Expect stuani to play more of a with drawn role I.e right of a front 3, although he can play as striker we are still in the market for at least 2. 1 top draw striker and one that's more potential based.

The latest on that one is boro have entered the race to sign highly rated city youngster Jordi Hiwula, few other champo teams in there so there's a bit of a fight but the guy will be worth it.

15 Jul 2015 10:38:39
Gosh not only are we getting the low down on who we are chasing but the team tactics for next season as well. A step to far in fantasy land I think. File under utter rubbish.

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