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03 Jan 2013 14:29:52
Crewe are in talks with Watford over the possible loan signing of Striker Chris Iwelumo who's loan at Notts County has concluded. Steve Davis and Neil Baker (assistant) have however put the deal on hold before a decision is made on the current on-loan Fulham forward lauri dalle valle who has scored 5 goals in 11 appearances for the ever improving Railwaymen. The Wage of Iwelumo remains the biggest obstacle for the south cheshire club who aim to get a striker in before the close of the transfer window. Whether that still be LDV or not remains to be seen.
Another striker on steve davis' radar is out of sorts AFC Bournemouth striker Matt Tubbs. A short term loan is one option but due to the league standings, moving to a rival club looks unlikely at this moment in time.


Matt Tubbs is off to Notts County

Not our style, no hoofing at the Vic. Hoof free zone

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