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03 Jan 2013 13:18:18
Good authority that Southampton are about to sign 3 ex players, first 2 are to come back as squad players to add depth, these are Blackstock and Delap. The final one will be signing of the year as Walcott returns home after he was humbled by the response in midweek........


Haha not gunna happen, why would want Blackstock or Delap back? If we wanted a striker back we'd recall sharp, and Delap is to old now, would love Walcott back but sadly don't see it happening :(

What a joke. I think the only realistic return that might happen this month is Andrew Surman from Norwich City. Walcott's wages are out of the line that even Arsenal are happy to go to let alone with our wage structure. As for the other 2 I'm not sure why we'd want them back.

What is in the water here you are! Not a chance of any of them. Squad players, most of our juniors are better than these 2 chesters.

Haha good joke post mate.

Best one yet! Delap and Blackstock!!

As a southampton fan, rubbish. why would walcott leave arsenal to come to southampton. rubbish.

Would be nice for Walcott but won't happen, and the other two are rubbish, delap is too old and never did anything in a saints shirt and blackstock is not as good as the strikers we are trying to get rid of so don't see that happening

You could not be more wrong, you live in middle earth if you think this has any real truth to it. Astori will turn into a long saga but we will get him in the end. We will get someone else knowone has heard of and he will take 2 months to jell and then be brillliant for us

All of these are spot on. Beattie, Ormerod, Oakley, Fernandes, Marsden, Svensson and Bridge will all also sign before the end of the window.

There's chance of re-signing Ball & Osgood.

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