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03 Jan 2013 10:47:03
Reading's Ian Harte is being lined up
by Swindon which would allow
McDermott to bring in another defender
to fight the relegation battle.


Swindon cant afford the 12k per week that he is on !

No way would he drop to league 1

Why wudnt he, he has in the past

No way would he drop to league 1

You mean like Carlisle where Reading brought him from and gave him a lucky second shot?

I wouldn't say he's past it but too good for league 1 and a little too old for the prem. Great pro and the club that gets his signature will be more than happy.

We got him from league one anyway

Yeah exactly, why would he do that again?

I could see truth in this. Harte's at the end of his career and lacks pace

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