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03 Jan 2013 10:14:06
Swansea striker Danny Graham is currently linked with a £3m switch to Norwich or Reading


Not good enough for Swansea, certainly not good enough for Norwich.Need good european strikers.

I think it's fair to say that he would prefer a move to Norwich rather than Reading (if he were to leave).

Not likely now he's scored 2 on the bounce and he is the only striker to have scored in the league (goals) this season before anyone says Michu he's an attacking midfielder. 3 million is a joke more likely to be 5-6 Million

Heard this would be good to get him for that price

Danny could be on the way to Newcastle as he was born in Gateshead and he supports Newcastle. Newcastle may sign 2 strikers and 1 centre half

3 would be good for him but we also need more "pace and power"

If we can ship Morrison out for 3m, id bite Swansea's arm off to take Graham for that. Same mould as him but far better composure, work rate and finishing!

Not good enough for Swansea? If we had Michu banging in as many goals playing for us do you really think Holt would still play ahead of him. By your logic Holt would then be no longer good enough for us. You apparently dont rate any striker that is sitting on the bench!

Graham is 'good' enough for Swansea, just doesn't suit our new style of play. He'd be a good fit for Norwich.

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