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03 Jan 2013 10:31:13
Cardiff are looking at...
Marvin Sordell (Bolton)
Jay Rodriguez (Sot'on)
Steve Morrison (Norwich)
James Perch (Newcastle)
Shane Duffy (Everton)


Other than the (possible) exception of Sordell, I can't see why any of the players mentioned would be interested in a move to Cardiff.

Jay Rodriguez is on 3/4 Year contract and has only recently signed? He has been geeting first team football so he won't go back to the championship.

Marvin Sordell is the only possibility there

Who is shane duffy

What a great signing Jay Rodriguez has been for Southampton... Not. Was he 7, 000, 000? Great return for that outrageous price!

Please take Morrison

Sordell - maybe
Rodriguez - no chance, unless you pay 15 mill
Morison - I will drive him there!
Perch - possible
Duffy - yes

We might be after west broms graham dorrens this is from a newspaper

Most of them i cant see happening and others i wouldnt like get, Duffy is young and i think he is a center back, perch can play full back position but why would he want to leave and he fouls way too much in my liking he may put a leg in but not that much, morison i could see happening not playing much atm but wouldnt want him, jay rodriguez would like to see him hear even if its on loan whichcwont happen hes playing for southampton, sordell i can see happening and i could see him scoring a lot of goals under malky again for 2-3 mil wouldnt mind him even if people have judged his abilities lately

Shane Duffy isnt a bad player last season he filled in for distin and had a blinder, but would struggle to get ahead of jags distin or heitinga

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