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03 Jan 2013 10:28:17
Fulham ins: Boateng 2m, Van Wolfeswinkel loan, madlung free, David 500k, Parker loan, forren 4.3m mcgeady 3.6m n Darren bent loan with view to a 8m summer deal.


That would be amazing for fulham

03 Jan 2013 15:35:02
Darren Bent is the best rumour going around, has been top rumour for around 8 weeks, long before the window opened

Only David, Boateng and possibly Madlung are really likely. Martin Jol has already distanced us from Forren and has said 95% of the names linked are just pure speculation. Would love it if this was just a smokescreen but feel that he is relying more on our own from coming back from injury. For the record, Richardson to Charlton? Really? Cannot see that happening unless it is a loan to build his fitness as he has suffered some injury problems.

I live in hope reckon this is realistic though

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