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03 Jan 2013 08:18:56
Blackburn Rovers will approach Bradford City regarding manager Phil Parkinson. Global Director Shebby Singh has been impressed with their three cup runs this seaosn and feel he would give Rovers the new impetus they need.


As an insider at bradford. This is a major possibility

No way that jobs going to Peter Taylor to ensure relegation

Parkinson was talking to the press the other day how he wants to get tied down with a new contract at City. Highly unlikely to go to Blackburn!

Eh? Using him as bait? So we're paying peterborough 250k to take Wells off our hands?

Why would phil want to leave bradford when he is doing a great job and the players and fans respect him and we are in the semi final of the cup. plus as we have seen in the past a managers doing well with a clubs in the lower leauges go to bigger clubs and fail. i dont think he will leave

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