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03 Jan 2013 07:23:34
Nick Powell is set to join Peterborough.


If so, loan

Need Thorne back for rest of season aswell if brom would let him

03 Jan 2013 16:56:53
Nick Powell to Peterborough United?

It`s Thorme not Thorne. But he certainly the man we need back at the club.

Why would Thorne go back to posh when he's in the 1st team for WBA! Would be a great signing if he was loaned again!

He's only on the bench at WBA because they're missing players, he's definitely prem material in the future, was easily posh's best player at times

His name is Thorne if you are talking about the lad we had at posh. Obviously not a true supporter

Thorne is not a starter for WBA, he's on the bench whilst others are out, he would of extended his loan if they weren't short on players

I'm pretty sure he started against man utd and played 90mins and then on the bench the other game. That means he was on the 1st team squad! Clearly not a true supporter!

Thorne didn't play a full 90, is in the first team tho, hope he stays there, is a very good prospect

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