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02 Jan 2013 23:10:53
Norwich City manager Chris Hughton today watched Gary Hooper from the stands at Parkhead. It is rumoured that Norwich are preparing a £5M move. However, due to Celtic's form in Europe, Hooper is against the move but has expressed a desire to join the Norfolk club in the summer after the Scottish sides European adventure. Source: Radio


So we reject 7 million from southampton in the summer, but now we'll accept 5 million, less than 6 month later...........yay its the silly season in the 'worlds best (sky owned) league lol

Hahahhah 5 million ure crazy we knocked back more before our champions league run

As a Norwich fan I would love it if people just stopped making this up. Not saying we couldn't get him, but it's going to take a proper amount, closer to 12 million. Should be 60 million if Carrol is worth 35 though. Then again if Torres is 50 we might be looking at 250 million. Maybe we can't get him after all.

Let me correct you here... Southampton bid 5.8m for Gary Hooper in January 2012 and was rebuffed. Now Gary only has 18mths on his contract remaining and isnt signing the offer on the table. I would suggest 7m will easily buy him in this window or Celtic risk losing him for 2.5m in the summer with only 12 mths on his contract. Gary is a great player but has never been worth 1om + .... It is down to him this window ..if he decides to leave Celtic will have no choice but to accept 6-7m....Dont rant and rave is a business to board members .
End Of

It was kayal hughton was watching

Hooper unproven at top level - Scunthorpe and Celtic??
He is on a par with Simeon Jackson.
We do need a n other striker but needs to be both quick and have a physical presence. {Ed039's Note - You dont need to have played for a top club to see that the guy is a predator and natural born goalscorer. Make chances for him, and he will finish them, thats for sure. And I think it was more likely Hughton was there to watch Chris Humphrey, out of contract at the end of the season, with the greatest of respects to Norwich)

Was CH at Parkhead actually watching Beram Kayal because according to the Daily Mail "Norwich are launching a £5million bid for Celtic midfielder Beram Kayal"

Celtic are a Champions league club playing Juve in the last 16. Norwich city wouldn't have a chance of getting any of are players. Also to the guy that said Hooper was unproven; Scored against Spartan in both ties in the CL which Norwich couldn't even dream of or have any chance. Chris Hughton was assessing Jamie Murphy of Motherwell not Hooper or Biram Kayal, dream on Norwich you will never be great!!

¨Pinkun¨ claims that Hughton was actually there watching Beram Kayal, who has had a lenghly spell on the medical bench with an injury and made his 1st apperance since his recovery... Hughton is supposedly preparing a 5million bid... seems more likely, although i dont know why we are looking at more midfielders seeing as we have so many decent players not getting a game at the moment...

Bit touchy about your players Celtic fans? Too many memories of them leaving you for teams that arent as good as you think you are? Celtic big fish in a little pond. Oh and about that Barcelona game any team can beat any team on their day, Chelsea v QPR anyone?

As a Norwich fan I see that if we could sign Hooper at any point in his career it would be summer this year. He has the opportunity to play against some great player (Pirlo, Buffon etc.) and if you had the chance to play them you would, he would be a great signing for Norwich but we would have to break the bank and at this moment I don't see us spending 7 million on just one player. If he were to come to Norwich he would be getting 1st team football in the prem (as long as we stay up!)

Celtic only get into the Champions League because you play in the least competitive league in Europe! If you were in the Premiership you would be lucky to finish in the top half!

Is it possible that CH is looking at more midfielders to push someone further forward, like Snodgrass, Bennett or Pilkington as an extra striker or a super striker option?

Agree with the non competitive thing but, a bit rich coming from EPL fans, man u or man c again anyone? and give us the SLY sorry SKY money and your league, and we would bury most of you, in no time , the merry much for suarez?neil lennon calling.....

No striker who finds himself playing football in the SPL is worth more than 10 million FACT!

Difference between the two leagues competitiveness is the gap in quality between top, middle and bottom difference between Celtic and Dundee, pretty big. Between Man u/Man city/Chelsea and QPR/Wigan/Reading. Not so much. Also Sky put the money into it because the league is good and good to watch, they didn't cause the good football, the good football made them put money in=more investment=better football. It's chicken and the egg

Wat a load of nonsense some English people talk, Celtic would win there title in 3 years, imagine all the massive investors we would attract and players, we have beaten worlds best teams playing in Scotland including man united Liverpool Barcelona juve so think before yous open it

Awh Celtic fans overreacting to this rumour! Celtic are not this amazing club you think you are! They are on par with the Fulhams and Stokes! Wow you got lucky in ECL well done! How about you win the bloody thing! And your only in the competition because your league is full of rubbish little pub teams!

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