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27 Dec 2012 14:38:27
Blackburn will again approach Tottenham Technical Co-ordinator Tim Sherwood over the possibility of being their new boss. Sherwood has recently declared his desire to join Rovers as manager and if a deal is successful, the former Rovers and Tottenham midfielder is wanting to appoint former Blackburn, Southampton and Wolves goalkeeper Tim Flowers as his assistant.


This rumour is in no way connected to why is it on this page? {Ed034's Note - you mean why is it on the main rumours page for all clubs??

Ed034 : It is also on the Southampton rumours page directly connected to the main rumours page, presumably 'cos it mentions Tim Flowers as an ex-Southampton player.
SaintGazza {Ed001's Note - that just collates all the rumours related to the club from the main page. It is not a separate page as such, just a way for you to look at just the rumours involving your own club.}

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