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Football Rumours sites list

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We have created individual club rumours web sites. Click on the below links to visit these sites.

We have also set up other English clubs rumours pages and Scottish clubs rumours pages

Liverpool rumours

Arsenal rumours

Manchester United rumours

Celtic rumours

Rangers rumours

Aston Villa rumours

Leeds rumours

Chelsea rumours

Everton rumours

Nottingham Forest rumours

Spurs rumours

Newcastle rumours

Manchester City rumours

Birmingham City rumours

West Ham rumours

Southampton rumours

Cardiff city rumours

Hibs rumours

Derby rumours

Hearts rumours

Leicester City rumours

Sunderland rumours

Sheffield United Rumours

Sheffield Wednesday Rumours

Real Madrid Rumours

Barcelona Rumours

Wolves Rumours

QPR Rumours

Norwich City Rumours

Stoke City Rumours

Reading Rumours

Middlesbrough Rumours

Barnsley Rumours


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