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19 Jan 2014 16:55:45
Parkinson looking at Jamie Longworth from Stranraer. Carlisle also supposed to be interested in the centre forward.

Richard M





02 Jan 2014 12:19:32
Jake Livermore set to sign permenantly for £2.5mil to allow Nick Powell to come in on loan from Manchester United.

Shane Long deal is all done for club record fee of £5. 75mil, signing for 3 years.

Eldin Jakupovic to join Bradford City on loan until the end of the season.

Conor Townsend is to sign an improved 3 year deal before returning to Carlisle on loan until the end of the season.

Jack Hobbs is to be recalled by Steve Bruce as interest is keen from 3 Championship clubs to sign the defender on a permanent deal.

Tom Cairney will complete a £500k switch to Blackburn Rovers.






04 Sep 2013 23:24:17
Tranmere have asked about taking Steve Howard from Hartlepool on loan until Christmas. Carlisle are also interested.

Why would Carlisle want another target man when our back up target man is good enough for Scotland's under 21 squad.

It goes to show how poor the state of Scottish football is when a player not good enough for a struggling Carlisle team can get into the Scottish under 21 squad.

He would be an average player in the conference at best.

If this stays as it is the club will be relegated Abbott has to go. If we bring a new manager in the crowd will be up by at least a thousand or more.



01 Sep 2013 23:47:22
Greg Abbott is trying to make a deal for a centre midfielder on transfer deadline day

Abbott could also be interesting in bringing a former Forward, Francois Zoko, back to Carlisle

Another FALSE DAWN it seems impossible for United to SIGN any players.
They are even unable to ship out Edwards - so much for is non ability even Lower Leagues do not want him



28 Aug 2013 09:41:56
Gregg Abbott said to be considering his position at Carlisle United after emergency board meeting after last nights defeat against Leicester.

The board have asked him for his resignation, but he wants a compromise.

Graham Kavanagh set to be installed caretaker manager until they can get someone permanent in.

Peter Beardsley and Steve Cotterill have been sounded out as replacements. Ex players Zigor Aranalde and Andy Preece have also shown interest should Abbott go.

Don't get carlisle fans hopes up.

we want abbott out



26 Aug 2013 12:02:38
Southampton striker Jonathan Forte is to be loaned out again after failing to find a buyer for the Barbados international, Forte has not been given a squad number this season so will just be playing for the under 21's if a loan move can not be found.

League one side Walsall are said to be interested in signing him on loan, the saddlers have tried to sign the striker on loan in the past (January 2012) but failed. League one sides Carlisle and Stevenage are both said to be interested in the striker aswell.

Why don't Saints just pay up his contract and get rid once and for all of this useless specimen, he sure as hell is never going to be good enough for Saints.

Go Forte, for God's sake go.

Please please please we have 6 strikers please stop linking Carlisle with strikers we only play with one as well we don't need that many

Slightly harsh to say he was a useless specimen, all the players played a part in getting us where we are today including J Forte, good luck to him although I thought he had already left. May only have been one game but MK Dons at home rings a bell.

I am going to be controversial. why does jf with all that pace want to be a striker? surely with the right coaching saints could convert him into a winger? He can use both feet unlike puncheon. Why not keep him as a project player and use him in the u21 squad?

Forte is far too old (27) to be a worthwhile "project player. " He will also never have the kind of first touch/ball control needed for the Premier League. I felt he was only marginal for League 1.

Jonathan 'THE FORT' forte is a top block met him down the Albert after a game against Stevenage and he bought me and my mate jimmy a beer each. Sadly though he is not up the prem league standard I think he'd be a star in the Scottish championship. Good luck to 'THE FORT' though. and he's always welcome down me old mans burger van for one of favourites a Bacon bap.




25 Aug 2013 16:31:06
Francois Zoko to train with Carlisle United this week are being told he can leave Notts County.

He will sign until the end of the season with an option of a further year, based upon appearances.

Gregg Abbott met with him on Saturday as Carlisle had no game due to playing Friday night.

I don't think this is true, would love to see him back but more strikers, and where would he fit in

the only players greg is now persuing are midfileders and defenders.

I know you want a good depth of forwards but we have, 2 strikers out and out strikers and, 4 wingers come strikers and 2 just wingers we can't fit him in

If he sends Campbell back to Newastle then he should fit in the squad?

100% not true.

Zoko has been told he can leave 100% true




15 Aug 2013 10:39:56
Carlisle set to sign Newcastle striker Adam Campbell on loan

Now confirmed on official website.

Heard David Holdsworth is to be named new carlisle manager. This will happen midweek

David Holdsworth as new manager? No thank you. A new executive / board and a realistic budget for the current managerial team is what's needed.

Grgg has now proved he is out of his comfort zone - totally inexperienced.
his assistant is no better so both should be gracious and leave.
the players signed this summer plus the loans are totally not league 1 standard.
so much for the scouts and football skills knowledge from gregg and kav.
a new manager and coaching staff are required pdq.

A new board yes. but a new manager is needed A. S. A. P.

If you think Abbott should remain you are clueless

He has managed a team with one of the bottom 3 budgets for 4 years and this is the first time we have been in the relegation places

22 Aug 2013 15:42:04
Stop making excuses for the man, he has just made his 75th signing for goodness sake, not bad for a man with no budget.


They are no excuse but the 75 players are down to budget he has to make short term loans of players who we don't even pay they're wages, its not something which is hidden go to companies house and look at the out goings of the club and you would relise this



11 Aug 2013 09:58:42
Free agent Paul Reid to train with hometown club Carlisle United, if he proves his fitness will be offered a pay as you play deal until the end of the season.

He is training with the club today and will sign on a non-contract basis for a month with the option of a deal until the end of the season if he impresses.

Sean O'Hanlon expected to be back for this weekends game, so Reid will more than likely will be on the bench along with Livesey, with Feely starting alongside O'Hanlon.



08 Aug 2013 17:24:05
Now Carlisle have signed Charlton defender Kevin Feeley on loan for a month, Mike Edwards will be offered a way out of his Carlisle nightmare, he will be offered on a free or a season long loan, likely destination will be league 2 team or a conference premier team somewhere closer to his in Nottingham

He's signed for a month, on Loan. It hardly opens the door to a player leaving does it!

Don't be to critical on the poster, if Feeley impresses over the month and wants to stay there will be an option to extend the deal, I think Edwards will have been instructed to inform his agent to find another club, on the 3 games evidence so far we need some changes, don't be surprised to see Berrett leave either, been shocking so far



31 Jul 2013 12:41:01
Daivid Brown former Gateshead and Sunderland left back set to join Carlisle on a 1 year pay as you play deal!


Not true as we have 3 players in our squad that can play that position in chantler, robson and james



24 Jul 2013 19:37:50
Mathieu Manset (23 year old French striker, formerly of Reading and Carlisle United), Craig Reid (27 year old Scottish central defender, formerly of Celtic and Greenock Morton) and Fabio Martins (23 year old Portuguese winger, formerly of CD Pinhalnovense) are on trial at Coventry City and are starting tonight's friendly against Fleetwood Town.

Those three would be a great addition to squad sign em up when we get out of the transfer embargo

Fabio martins is a 20 year old formerly of fc porto B



24 Jul 2013 13:42:39
Carlisle to sign lewis guy this week after the striker impressed in pre season

Other news, Liecster to bid £1.7m for yeovils paddy madden with cumbrians due 50% of any potenial transfer of the ex blues player

Leicester are currently carrying out a major cost reduction exercise to comply with FFP. There's no chance whatsoever they'll be paying any transfer fees of this sort.

Thats not true we have been having a clear out of some flops who are on big wages. And we see Madden as ideal player for the club

24 Jul 2013 19:36:47
And why do you think the club have been getting rid of highly paid but ineffective players? It certainly isn't to push up club debt beyond the FFP limit thus Leicester won't be paying large transfer fees. Nothing against Madden but we won't be shelling out 1.7 million until the books are straightened out.

Madden has said he is staying put

If Leicester sign Madden they will be breaking FFP rules so I doubt it will happen

Yeovil have said he is not for sale at any price he is very important for the side this season



18 Jul 2013 08:51:37
Ex Carlisle striker Rory loy in talks with hartlepool united after talks in Scotland broke down.

It looks like the players CUFC released are struggling to find clubs, apart from Collin and Welsh, 5 out of 7 with no club yet.

Proves it was the right decision by the Club

26 Jul 2013 08:28:34
Fail to see how just because Rory hasn't found a club yet it was the right decision, give the guy a chance could never be accused of a lack of talent or a lack of ability when he was at Carlisle

Loy has signed for Falkirk



18 Jul 2013 08:51:25
Ex Carlisle striker Rory loy in talks with hartlepool united after talks in Scotland broke down.



15 Jul 2013 12:51:36
Richard Cresswell to sign for York city this week as player/coach as he looks to carry on his career. He has turned down offers from Mansfield, Oldham and Carlisle to join the club who he helped survive relegation last season during a loan spell and came through the youth ranks
Also due to sign is Josh Carson on a season-long loan for the Minstemen

Hope both of these rumours are true!

Correct, both will be confirmed by Thursday

As if he would turn down Oldham to go to York! Dreaming there I think

Didn't turn down Carlisle as he was above there is only one player over 24 joining

Oldham have never been in for Cresswell either more made up statements as usual on here.

Reports suggest he will be paraded at York's home friendly tonight.

Old old news, signed yesterday and was presented to York fans last night

Considering it is from the day before yesterday it is not



12 Jul 2013 12:24:48



08 Jul 2013 22:52:52
Any truth in the rumour that Joe Mattock of SWFC might be on his way to Carlisle?

God I hope so.

Left back is what where after but we have two training with us



04 Jul 2013 14:17:19
Former Charlton Athletic, Carlisle United and Bristol Rovers forward Joe Anyinsah is on trial with Cheltenham Town.



03 Jul 2013 08:55:41
Striker Rene Howe is all set to join a league 1 club, with Carlisle and Walsall set to be one of the likely destinations.

Am I right in saying he is on walsalls tour?

Cant see it being carlisle now lee miller has signed a new deal

03 Jul 2013 16:50:49
It's definitely not Carlisle

We need another striker tho

Not walsall either, they are looking at grella, wagstaff and some trinidad players

Rene Howe? Couldn't hit a barn door with any club he's been with in league one! I would rather have Richard offiong back!



01 Jul 2013 17:55:00
Carlisle United are yet again delving into non league by giving another chance at league football to ex Leeds and Chelsea midfielder Michael Woods who finished last season with Harrogate town after his release from Doncaster Rovers.

Woods and Taiwo were together at Leeds and combined a 5 million transfer fee when they went to Chelsea. what a waste of money!

02 Jul 2013 11:20:07
That seems plausible, as Abbott was his academy coach when at leeds (ala tom taiwo)

Can't see it happening, Abbott wants 2 more signings ideally these are a left back and a goalkeeper, Midfield isn't a priority area.



27 Jun 2013 13:46:11

I hope he is fit for this season, he needs to prove he is worth the reported 3. 5k a week

Its not 3. 5k it is 2. 5k

H 3. 5 k a week!

do some research

Lee Miller is not and never has been paid £2. 5k a week by Carlisle.

What research, just rumours from people not at the club, Carlisle can not afford the the 3. 5 k figure because of the 60% wage rule

I work within the club as for the 60% rule you are right but wrong, there are loop holes and that's what has been used he is on more than 2. 5k

The loop wholes are for players under 23 and through the youth system and for relegated clubs fro the championship for players with a contract with 2 years left on it



25 Jun 2013 18:34:11
Josh Gillies is to attend pre season training with Carlisle tomorrow.

Gillies signed a 2 year deal today, and Miller a one year deal with an option for a further year.

The miller bit is correct, but as for the other part, Fibber.

Gillies has signed so how is that a lie?

Gillies has signed so it is correct, go and do your research!

Gillies has signed. do some research.

Gillies has signed



24 Jun 2013 21:16:47
Carlisle might ready to offer rory delap a contract, delap would prefer to to join Carlisle and would be willing to take a pay cut to join the club he supported as a boy, his family moved there when he was six months old, the other interested parties are Sheffield united and B

Doubt this will happen for a couple of years

Greg Abbott revealed on radio that this was merely a rumour, no truth whatsoever

'Doubt this will happen for a couple of years'. He's 36! He'll be playing with a walking stick if we wait a couple of years to sign him

He won't come. The rest of his family aren't keen on moving back up here

Cant believe he'd consider the way we played last season



24 Jun 2013 17:02:13
Carlisle United in talks with Sligo Rovers left back Ross Gaynor. Gaynor, who is now a left back after many seasons playing on the wing, has previously played for Millwall in England before returning to Ireland.



24 Jun 2013 14:49:29
Francois Zoko reported to be on his way back to Carlisle on an initial 6 month loan deal until January where he will have the option of turning the loan into a permanent deal.

Zoko will train with the Cumbrians when pre-season training starts on Wednesday.

Lee Miller to train with Carlisle until his contract is sorted out one way or the other.

Carlisle looking to bring Jordan Mustoe back to Brunton Park for cover for Chris Chantler who will miss the first 3 months of the season.

24 Jun 2013 19:02:12
Zoko rumour is a wind up, no truth in it.



23 Jun 2013 13:46:47
The most bizarre signing of the summer so far goes to Wigan. They've just signed former Reading and Carlisle striker Mathieu Manset.

Manset is known as the beast. He is, on his day, quality, but he has a weight problem and he cannot stay fit. During his time at Reading he also got caught drink driving.

No doubt about it, he will be a bug fail at Wigan, but he will score a couple of corkers before he's shipped out back to L1/L2.

Sounds like Coyle's masterplan to carry on where where he left off at Bolton is well and truly underway.

Has the potential to be a decent player if he can get his fitness to a decent level, can take on defenders and has a cracking shot. Great player to come of the bench but not a starter. Was a little disappointed when Reading sold him. {Ed029's Note - He was sold for numerous off-field problems and his inability to stay fit. Very surprised a Championship side would touch him. Great ability though.

Shipped out of Reading and kicked out of FC Sion for partying before match game and struggles with weight and stamina.

He is of to madrid (real) he is to quality for Wigan. He will cost 16 million

How can someone who doesn't have a club cost £16,000,000?

Bruno alves is going to Reading or Bradford according to his agent called borat.

Wigan haven't announced this

Apparently he is joining the squad for the US tour on trial. No contract has yet been offered

Wait so someone posts a rumour saying that a former Hereford, Reading, FC Sion and Carlisle player with drink and weight problems is going to join Real Madrid and the part of that rumour that you have a problem with us the fee?.

I Honestly wished that we (carlisle) would've offered him a deal. With a full pre season behind him he could've been decent In league one. Not too sure about wigan though, they need better players than that to get back into the premier league.



22 Jun 2013 19:50:27
Experienced Bohemians RB, Derek Pender, is understood to be meeting Carlisle United officials this weekend

Surely we need a LEFT BACK or a UTILITY DEFENDER

23 Jun 2013 18:45:23
Carlisle not signing a right back this summer FACT

FACT? how do you know they won't sign a right back?

As Abbott has said he won't sign a left back

24 Jun 2013 09:36:58
Because the manager said on Radio Cumbria he won't be signing one. Said he's looking at a forward (or 2 if Miller doesn't sign), someone to play in the hole, a keeper and a young central deender. Also said he is looking only at young players and not journeymen.

If people actually bothered listening to his interviews they would know this instead of believing most of the rubbish on here.



22 Jun 2013 18:24:51
Ignore any rumours regarding Lee Miller signing his contract at Carlisle. He has not had any talks with Greg Abbott since his return from holiday and talks are due to take place next week now.

This is true

So that's why he has signed for Carlisle then?



21 Jun 2013 11:02:58
Lee Miller said to be having second thoughts now in signing for Carlisle due to an offer of a 2 year contract at Partick Thistle. With Partick being based in Glasgow this is a big reason in him considering the move.

He's much higher standard than scottish second tier

Ha ha nice joke

Partick are in the Scottish premier league, but it could comes down to his emotions as the main reason he wants to move from carlisle is his family but he has a found memories of how carlisle helped him during his lowest moments in life.

If zoko comes back it will make my life



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