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Some Random Thoughts About Football


Some Random Thoughts About Football



I was bored the other day so decided to watch that American football Pudding Bowl thingy. It made me realise why it is Association Football and not American Football that is the world's most popular sport. I mean I can't have been the only one who was shouting at the telly “oh for flip's sake, just get on with the game!” It is more stop than go, and the go bits are not exactly exciting.


What scares me is the thought of soccer going the same way, the idea of shifting to quarters from halves has already been mooted and TV companies choose kick-off times to suit their schedules. It is only a small step to bring in video replays, enabling another advert to be shoved in while the decision is made. Mind that is not to say I disagree with the use of replays, just not in any way that interrupts the flow of the match. I am not a fat, lazy American who needs the stop in play to fetch another hot dog and beer, well I am not American anyway.


I certainly do not want to see English football go the way of American sports, where they need a bunch of cheerleaders to lead the chants. It makes me wonder about the intelligence of the average American when they need a bunch of bimbos in short skirts with a pair of pom-poms to think up chants. Though having said that I am disappointed in the quality of songs at games these days, and why do Man United fans insist on singing about how they hate Scousers at every single match? Do they really think the likes of Pompey and Bolton care what a bunch of people from Torquay think of Scousers? More to the point what must Wayne Rooney think everytime he hears it? After all he is a Scouser himself! Anyway it is disrespectful to their current opponents that United fans are chanting about Liverpool and not them. It is like they are saying they are not worth making up songs about. Oh and can someone please tell them Cantona has left! There is Scholes, Rooney and Ronaldo playing yet they are singing about Cantona, then they say Liverpool fans are living in the past!

Article written by Tris Burke